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Social Media was an inevitable environment on the Internet because as people we are very sociable.  Because we interact similarly on the Internet as we would in real life we portray similar characteristics as if we were interacting in a real society.  For example there are hunter gathers who provide cerebral content for friends and family, while other types of personalities strive to lead groups of people.  Social Media was a foreseeable platform for communication, but how it will influence industries and individual companies is a topic that is harder to anticipate.  This blog will be examining predictions made from entrepreneurs behind startups like Google, PayPal, Flicker and many more largely successful Internet companies.  At the end of this post let me know what you agree with or not, and if you have any original ideas of upcoming trends.

Internet entrepreneurs and venture capitalists Ron Conway, Esther Dyson, Kevin Efrusy, Steve Jurvetson, and David Weiden made predictions on the Top 10 Tech Trends of 2010, and let an audience of around one hundred guests vote on their predictions.  Where the audience agreed and differed on the panel’s opinions was very interesting and could be indicative of where some industries are headed.  When each of the members of the panel were done explaining why their potentially large trends were going to make such a big impression on 2010 the audience would vote on it, much like American Idol.

Two of the three most popular predictions came from Kevin Efrusy, who highlighted Social Web-Based companies and new Software Stacking companies as emerging trends.  His examples of Social Web-Based companies who had already capitalized on this trend were screen-shot-2010-05-24-at-81803-am1PlayFishZynga, and Groupon.  His second prediction anticipated that companies like Hadoop, and Memcached, who develop open-source software for building apps and summarizing large amounts of information, would become increasingly more popular in the creation of future digital experiences.  The third most popular prediction on powerful trends in the upcoming year focused on an emerging science that is potentially at a pivotal point in our interaction with writing software and engineering artificial life.  Because I am almost out of words I will let the pros handle the explanation of this recent scientific leap towards a new era.  This new process could be summarized as DNA synthesis and has potential commercial applications such as purification of water, production of pharmaceuticals, advancements in bio-energy, and substitutions for petrochemicals.  Get ready to hear the phrase “Bio-Tech 2.0” a lot this week because this is a study that was only released over the last few days.

Craig Venter - DNA Synthesis

Craig Venter - DNA Synthesis

There you go, that is the next year in a nutshell, so I hope these predictions will be helpful in your investment decisions for the upcoming year.  Also, if you think you have a clearer picture of the upcoming year I would definitely like to hear it, or if you completely concur with this forecast, well, than you’re boring.  Thanks!


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