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You may have heard of articles referring to email marketing as “dead.” And I’m almost positive you’ve seen at least one of the many rebuttals to this, proudly proclaiming email’s benefits. But have you heard about email as the undead? Good.

Here’s why email marketing is the zombie of the marketing world.

Low cost

Email marketing can be a relatively inexpensive marketing channel to set up, with many free/low-cost platforms with tiered packages. This gives you the opportunity to build a program with an email budget that mirrors that growth. Likewise, zombies are an easy investment to maintain. After the initial bite, the population continues to grow with minimal effort. Email marketing might not be as easy as a zombie apocalypse, but both are budget-friendly.


ROI for marketing is quoted as 38:1, and time and again email is found to be one of the most effective digital marketing channels. Likewise, zombies are able to easily grow the population (see point 1) and are very difficult to kill. That makes for killer zombie ROI.


With upwards of 50% of email options coming from mobile, email is a versatile channel that goes everywhere with consumers. This trend looks to only increase, and email’s versatility contributes to its success as a channel. While zombies may move a little slow (the undead struggle is real), they have very few limitations. Most horrifying creatures are relegated to the night, but not zombies. It doesn’t take a Walking Dead buff to know zombies go anywhere and everywhere. In both cases, this adaptability allows them to be successful even with changing trends.

Direct communication

Email speaks directly to the consumer. What’s more, surveys show that email is the preferred method of communication from brands for 60-80% of people (particularly millennials).  When someone signs up for your email program, they actually want to hear from you. Zombies also look to convert directly, though with fewer good intentions.

Being efficient is crucial in the digital marketing world. The above factors make email marketing a successful channel today and will continue to contribute to email’s success in the future. That’s barring a zombie apocalypse of course. In that case, we’re all goners.


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