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After reading a controversial opinion by Wpromote’s own Brian Rubin, I was inspired to write one myself. So here we go.

Email is spam.

You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it. You may have even opened your inbox and muttered “bunch of spam” under your breath.

I don’t blame you, and what’s more I don’t even disagree. Most email is spam.

Now, I’ve fiercely refuted this in the past. And I still stick to my points, because the email that we send isn’t spam. But when considering most email, I’ve had to change my tune. Here’s why:

If you bought the list, it’s spam. I don’t care what service you used or how you found it. I don’t even care if the email content is good, which is admittedly a shame. If someone didn’t sign up for your email, you are sending spam.

This seems like a clear line to draw, but it still happens all the time. We’ve seen email deliverability rates in the dump because of too many spam complaints and no engagement. I’ve even gotten spammers trying to sell me lists! Gah. No matter how you slice it, don’t buy a list. There’s no way to get over the loss of trust when you solicit someone without permission.

Next, does your email benefit your subscribers? This also has to be a yes, no gray area or in-between. Our job is to provide email content that helps subscribers, and if it doesn’t, we’re ultimately hurting ourselves.

This brings me to an important note: since we’re not buying lists (see #1), everyone who receives our emails has asked for them. This is an increasingly important point as the prevalence of paid advertising increases. Please don’t get me wrong; I’m definitely a fan. But email is unique as a channel because people ask for our content (I say, only a bit smugly).

So subscribers do want promotions, just maybe not every day. Or they like product recommendations, but only when they are tailored to their actual interests.

This is the true challenge and beauty of email marketing. We get people to subscribe and then we have to deliver.

Need help delivering? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Contact us for more information on Wpromote’s email services, or learn about email best practices from our University by clicking the image below.


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