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Company culture and employee happiness are two things we take very seriously here at Wpromote, and anyone who disagrees with that statement has never seen me get down at the Ping Pong table. I come correct, I am the model of Olympian focus.

“Work hard, play hard” is an unofficial company motto (fun fact: we actually made it up) and we try to make work blend with fun in the most unobtrusive way possible. However, one thing we do NOT encourage is blatant slacking off around the office. Which is probably why we found this Infographic from DoMyLLC very fascinating. According to the data here, just one hour of wasted time per day can cost several tens of thousands of dollars, per person. Where do you fall in the spectrum?


Check out the entire infographic here!


One thought on “DoMyLLC: The True Cost of Goofing Off at Work (Infographic)
  1. I didnt see ping pong on here Dave!

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