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Dearfoams, a comfort lifestyle brand, came to Wpromote looking to expand their social media efforts to increase sales and grow brand awareness. Dearfoams had been managing a Facebook advertising campaign internally but needed the help of an agency to further optimize it and to create and implement an all-encompassing social media strategy to obtain desired results.

As with most online companies, Dearfoams knew that even a small hiccup of a customer complaint, could tarnish a company’s reputation. Dearfoams wanted daily social media monitoring of all profiles to assist with reputation management so they could uphold their sound reputation they had long worked to achieve.

Dearfoams also wanted to widen their audience to capitalize on a younger demographic, which had the potential to bring in a great new source of brand evangelists and revenue for them. In order to successfully reach an atypical audience where little brand awareness existed, they would need a highly creative strategy to successfully target this untapped market.

To begin, Wpromote performed a comprehensive audit of their existing profiles and ad campaign. While they had established profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, these profiles were lacking a general cohesiveness. All profiles would need to be overhauled to create homogenous branding across the board.

For Facebook, while their badge represented their playful personality, it would need to be re-designed to incorporate their website and coordinate with their other social media profiles. For a better user experience, their navigation tabs would be updated to remove blank pages, and incorporate new tabs, such as a YouTube link and a shop and share link. Adding a shop and share page would enable users to purchase Dearfoams products without having to exit their Facebook page.

Their engagements on Facebook could be improved upon by incorporating promotions, special events, images, videos and questions. In addition to running a targeted Facebook advertising campaign, weekly giveaways would also be carried out to increase the number of likes. To further grow their brand and target a younger male demographic, a creative promotion tying into the World Series of Poker would be executed.

Their Twitter page and thumbnail would also be re-skinned to coordinate with all social media profiles to maintain brand identity. Daily engagements on Twitter would be used to facilitate contests on Facebook and encourage brand growth. As growth occurs, maintaining a 1:1 follower to following ratio would be key to proper fan base growth. Encouraging tweets from celebrities with large followings by giving them merchandise would also assist in increasing the number of followers.

Lastly, their YouTube page would need to be upgraded to a branded channel, which would enable them to link to the Dearfoams website and other social media pages. New videos would be added to promote the brand and then shared across Twitter and Facebook to get the largest impact.

In the first 4 months of their social media campaign, Dearfoams saw tremendous improvements across the board.

On their Facebook fan page, we have been able to effectively engage the Dearfoams fan base in conversations regarding events, images, videos, discounts and questions. Through weekly giveaways, the World Series of Poker contest, and social outreach Dearfoams’ Facebook likes increased by a remarkable 14.9% in just 4 months. Adding the shop and share page simplified the purchase process and attributed to increased sales and the sharing of purchases with friends. Impressive numbers were also seen through their Facebook ad campaign, which reached a targeted audience of 138,726,660 potential customers.

Through ongoing Twitter optimization, we saw an increase in the number of followers by an astonishing 26.5%, all the while striving to maintain that 1:1 follower to following ratio. The sizeable growth can be attributed to the many celebrity tweets. Tweets from The World Series of Poker players reached an impressive audience of over 53,000 alone.

Dearfoams’ YouTube page was upgraded to a branded channel, facilitating additional traffic to the Dearfoams site and social media profiles. New videos were added and disseminated across Twitter and Facebook, to increase views and encourage engagement through a Flashback Fridays promotion. The YouTube branded channel has had overwhelming success, with the total number of views increasing by 68% since the start of the campaign.

About Dearfoams:
Dearfoams is one of the world’s most recognized comfort lifestyle brands. Created in 1947, Dearfoams pioneered foam-cushioned slippers that deliver ultimate comfort. Nearly 65 years and more than a billion pairs later, people still love Dearfoams’ exceptional comfort, style, functionality and quality. Their slippers feature the “Dearfoams Difference,” a multi-density cushioned comfort system and rich, quality fabrics that help make Dearfoams slippers unlike any other. In Fall 2011, Dearfoams will launch sleepwear and knit accessories lines with the same quality and comfort consumers expect from their brand. Dearfoams are available at retailers throughout North America and online at Dearfoams.com. Experience what a comfort revolution feels like with Dearfoams.


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