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Where you get your information can say a lot about who you are and what your interests are. With the plethora of information available today relying on one news outlet almost seems impossible, but if that happens to be the case for you please use the content of this blog to become more familiar with the abundance of information that is at your fingertips.  This blog will provide a wide variety of outlets for general news, niche updates, and a look at news filters that publish content for specific demographics.  For any online marketers out there this blog will also show you how to find the specific venue or audience to speak to for PPC campaigns based on various online analytics.

screen-shot-2010-08-23-at-53827-pmAccording to my Google analytics Weather.com is one of the most visited news websites right now, but because this blog is written from Los Angeles I will have to trust Google that this is an essential website across the country.  The runner up for the most visited news website is CNN.com.  Not a big surprise, given that CNN is a Turner channel, which is owned by the conglomerate TimeWarner.  CNN has the resources to provide coverage of events around the world, so why wouldn’t they have a commonly known and relied upon website.  One of the most popular newspapers in the United States also has the third most visited news website, NYTimes.com.  The next two most popular news websites are The Huffington Post and Foxnews.com.  These two websites typically represent the liberal and conservative points of view on any given topic, so I will let you visit both to construct your own opinion.


Once you have checked your emails and are caught up with the day there might be a slight inclination to see what trouble Hollywood is up to.  The collage above represents the 6 most popular websites to visit when hunting for current gossip.  Again the top runners are not a huge surprise because they are supported by very large media companies.  There is only one website up there that is not owned by a large media conglomerate, and that is the blog Perez Hilton.  I will not be supplying the URLs for these sites because I don’t want to compete for your attention.

screen-shot-2010-08-23-at-73817-pmI have already run out of room, but just in case the guys have not found all of their essential tips for the day, check out the pile of logos above for a nudge in the right direction.  If I only had five minutes to spare for guy advice, I would check out the home pages of Men’s Health, ESPN, and Google Trends.

Being in Marketing I know that it is very important to stay up to the moment in a wide variety of topics, so I also rely on websites that aggregate popular topics like PopURLS.com.  Just like I rely on websites to provide me with the latest updates in news, companies should rely on their PPC campaign managers to determine what sites are applicable to their sought after demographic.  A very successful tactic in reaching out to a specific demographic is contextual advertising.  I am all out of room for this entry, so you are going to have to go to that last link to find out how this PPC approach works so well.

Please let me know if I missed any informative news websites or your favorite site to stay in the loop.


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