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Being someone who is on the phone, live chat, or email with clients throughout the day, one of the biggest misconceptions of people, and simultaneously the most important thing a webpage trying to advertise needs, is about what good content is.

Most of the time, this is how things break down – people think they have a great website, and while they have a visually appealing one, it is not “content rich.”

To get the most out of sponsored link advertising in Google and Yahoo, it is best to have a good amount of content on their webpage, which can you lead you to having good keyword quality score, or in other words, your keywords have good relevancy to your webpage and what you are trying to do. Things like “about us” pages, pages describing your service – both what and why it works – along with blogging and other extension pages are all how you make your site content heavy.

Now this all may seem simple, even if it may be more work than someone wants to put in to create a good site, it is something that a lot of people (webpages) lack and lack understanding in. I get dozens of phone calls from people each and every day that end up being an explanation to clients and potential clients that despite how visually appealing a site may be, without the proper content, and presentation of information, you may have serious problems getting a decent “quality score” with Google and Yahoo. Since this quality score concept, as noted in the beginning, is so determinant of how Google and Yahoo will rank the relativity of your keywords to your webpage, there is sometimes little an advertiser can do if the site they are trying to work with is a page with one or two pictures and pretty graphics on it.

It is integral to web developers and webpage owners to gain and understanding in this, so that they may assimilate it and then synthesize it into a successful webpage and subsequent successful advertising efforts.


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