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Weboo Footwear joined the Wpromote family just over two months ago as a PPC client and their results are already worth sharing! Weboo is an innovative new children’s footwear line that merges shoes, toys and interactivity all into one great product. webooThe shoes and sandals are designed with three-dimensional creatures that all children, and even adults, are sure to love. The footwear uses the “WeFit System” built based on intense research with podiatrists, pediatricians and the best children’s shoe engineers in the business. Weboo footwear leaves room for natural foot development with the support and sturdiness of traditional shoes. The comfort and entertainment value of Weboo shoes are unmatched and if you are not already familiar with their first line, check them out!

Weboo came to Wpromote looking for help launching their new product online. Through a paid search campaign that includes banner ads and search ads Wpromote has delivered over 14,000 clicks to the Weboo site. Over the first two months we were able to lower the cost per click for this campaign from $0.70 to a low of $0.37 and are confident we will continue to see this downward trend. Weboo Footwear does not sell their product directly on their site but they are available to purchase on the most popular online shoe store, zappos.com. Weboo DogWeboo is proud to be the only footwear line added to the zappos collection this year and is taking full advantage. Close to 3,000 visitors from paid search traffic have navigated through the site and clicked on the Buy Now button that takes them to zappos.com. This means that over 20% of all paid traffic is reaching the store front and interested in purchasing, proving that they are high quality visitors. As a PPC client we have also set up event tracking in google analytics for Weboo. This is a very powerful tool if set up appropriately. With this reporting we are able to show Weboo detailed information on what keywords are driving people directly to zappos. This is valuable information for reducing their cost per click and improving the overall performance of their paid search campaign in google and yahoo.


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  1. I wish I were a kid again so that I could buy some Chompers dinosaur shoes in my size. I’m looking forward to a long working relationship with Weboo!

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