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SteinDiamonds.com is a leader in the wholesale jewelry manufacturing business. They sell Certified Diamonds, Luxury Watches, Earrings & Pendants. Luxury jewelry is considered a difficult product to sell online. Customers usually prefer browsing online and buying in person. Stein Diamonds has broken this barrier. After a few years of search engine marketing Stein Diamonds turned to Wpromote to manage their Pay-Per-Click campaign. Their overall goal and directive with Wpromote was to cut back on inefficient spend across their Google campaign while maintaining a solid conversion rate. Over the past seven months their total overall cost lowered by an impressive 73% in Google alone.

In Stein Diamond’s Google account last month, compared to the month prior to beginning with Wpromote, their cost per click has decreased by 46%, their conversion rate has remained solid and their average cost per conversion has decreased by 42%.  As Wpromote actively works to improve the efficiency of this campaign, we are driving more traffic to the Stein Diamonds site at a continued lower cost and the volume of conversions have continued to increase each month moving forward.

Wpromote has accomplished the directive for this account by lowering and eliminating areas of inefficient spend, raising high performing areas, expanding upon performing areas with additional products keywords and working to pause underperforming ads to maximize their conversion rate.  Wpromote has also tested several new variables to improve Stein Diamonds ROI across thier Google campaign, such as introducing new ad text, channeling the content network and analyzing day trends to keep up to date with the ever-changing market.

At the end of the day Wpromote has been able to tell Stein Diamonds that their cost per lead has dropped over 57% AND informed them that they have the potential to bring in a 46% higher volume of conversions if they were spending the same amount they had been one year ago.

The success for SteinDiamonds.com with Wpromote in the realm of search engine marketing has been undeniable and has no doubt helped their in-store sales as well!


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  1. Amanda says:

    This is awesome! Go Team Client Services!

  2. mutuelle says:

    Thank you for your post

  3. lucy says:

    I would like to appreciate the efforts you have made in writing this article and I am hoping the same good work from you in the future as well.

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