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SpecialTeas, which was founded in 1996 by a group of tea enthusiasts, has been a highly successful PPC client of Wpromote’s for over a year now. During this time, SpecialTeas has quietly become a leader in the online tea industry. While other retail businesses have struggled to keep sales up during these difficult economic times, SpecialTeas has maintained steady and predictable success despite the current state of the economy. In fact, through the combination of superior online advertising, word-of-mouth promotion, and repeat business, SpecialTeas is enjoying some of their best revenue numbers of the year during this holiday season. Michael Block, Vice President of Client Services and SpecialTea’s dedicated PPC account manager, explains that “SpecialTeas has been able to sustain their continued success in paid search thanks to a comprehensive advertising campaign, a well-organized and easily navigable website, and a superior product line.”

special teasNo matter how effective a company’s advertising efforts are, it all comes down to the quality of their product. SpecialTeas has always made quality the top priority. From Imperial Blossom herbal tea to Oolong tea, Pu Erh to Mate, SpecialTeas prides itself on searching the world over for only the highest quality teas available. In doing so, SpecialTeas is quickly becoming one of the leading importers of the world’s finest teas and tea accessories. Today, SpecialTeas successfully sells its products to over 50 countries around the world. Their fine teas and accessories are featured in numerous publications including, Martha Stewart Living, InStyle Magazine, Real Simple Magazine and Oprah’s Favorite Things.

By combining expertise and passion for premium tea with state of the art technology, SpecialTeas ensures that its customers are completely satisfied with their products. In addition to offering only the best quality teas and tea products, SpecialTeas strives to provide the ideal tea purchasing experience. Great weight is placed on customer service and customer satisfaction. As a result, customers who try this company’s tea for the first time often become life-long customers. One client even emailed SpecialTeas directly and told them, “When I opened the box and saw your special packaging, I was immediately impressed. I love the complete description on the outside of each package and the fact that you can pull off the label and place them on canisters is pure genius. You obviously take great pride in your product and you should. You have won me over completely.” It seems that SpecialTeas continues to win over clients with their superior products, unbeatable prices, and an effective PPC campaign which continues to bring targeted visitors seeking only the finest tea products available to their site.


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