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One of Wpromote’s top performing clients, Quartermaster, is a leader in high quality and affordable equipment for law enforcement, military, security and a wide range of public safety professionals and organizations. From police boots to body armor to handcuffs, for over 35 years Quartermaster has offered the best deals in the industry. Striving to meet all of its customers’ shopping needs, Quartermaster carries the world’s most recognized brands available, as well as its superior LawPro® brand, available exclusively at Quartermaster. It is not only the quality of its products, but also the exceptional customer service that makes Quartermaster standout from its competitors. Taking great pride in its professional and knowledgeable team members, Quartermaster ensures the best client experience possible through guaranteed low prices, fast delivery, reliable service, and unmatched product quality. With retail locations in California and Nevada, Quartermaster offers a wide selection of one-of-a-kind gear and apparel at prices you can’t beat. No matter if you are a small security agency looking for uniforms for your team or a large metropolitan police department seeking equipment for your entire force, Quartermaster is here to meet all of your shopping needs. If you want to experience the Quartermaster advantage, visit www.quartermasteruniforms.com today! Quartermaster

In need of comprehensive online advertising services to help boost their online sales, Quartermaster joined the Wpromote family as a PPC client several months ago. Wpromote’s expertly managed paid search campaign in both Google and Yahoo has resulted in significant gains for Quartermaster in several key areas. From September 2009 to January 2010, revenue from sales increased by an unprecedented $37,000. This represents a 356% improvement in total revenue for Quartermaster in only 4 months! Due to Wpromote’s effective marketing strategy, which utilizes day-to-day management and Google Analytics in order to determine which keywords will drive the most amount of traffic to the site, Quartermaster has experienced a decrease in cost per acquisition by 173%, lowering the CPA from $56 to $23. That’s not all! Over a 4-month period, Wpromote helped Quartermaster experience an improvement in ROI of over 140%, starting at a mere 140% in month one and reaching 340% by month four. Hoping to continue to achieve increased sales while simultaneously lowering its CPA, Wpromote aims to help Quartermaster maximize its profit even more over the next year.


3 thoughts on “Client Profile – Quartermaster
  1. Jesse says:

    Great post! Sounds like you’re doing a lot of good work over there in PPC 😉

  2. Jeff Collins says:

    Great job Marissa! I can only hope to one day manage accounts like you.

  3. Holly says:

    That is so impressive Marissa! Keep up the amazing work:)

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