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Playkids specializes in a wide variety of safe and challenging activities for children of all ages. Their safe, well-built and highly durable playsets and swing sets aim to stimulate children’s creativity while developing their strength and confidence. Playkids offers an array of swings and slides, as well as general residential and commercial playground equipment. Playkids, an e-retailer type of business, dependent on customers ordering online after browsing through their online catalogue of products.

A year ago they decided that they wanted to make some changes to their site as well as their advertising strategies and it was at this point that they turned to Wpromote to take over their online marketing efforts. With Wpromote expertly managing their SEO campaign, they currently rank on the first page for many broad keywords, including #1 for swings. They are also achieving superb rankings for other terms including playground equipment, daycare supplies, and several other frequently searched keywords.

Playkids required Wpromote’s assistance during a full upgrade and migration to a newer version of their shopping cart. During this type of move, many clients are not aware of how to preserve their existing rankings in the search engines. Consequently, they allow their hosting companies to make these kinds of upgrades whenever they like and without notice, which often means their rankings are lost. However, by understanding when to submit sitemaps to search engines with the old and new URL structures and setting up the proper 301 redirects, it is possible to preserve current rankings as long as the necessary steps have been taken. This is exactly the type of insight and know-how that Wpromote brought to the table.

Wpromote not only successfully retained Playkid’s search engine rankings, but also made their site look much cleaner and more organized while adding some new custom content. In addition to aesthetics and performance, the new software made their store easier to customize for SEO and made the checkout process much more efficient. This, in turn, significantly lowered their bounce rate.

Through Wpromote’s ongoing SEO efforts and expert PPC management, Playkids’ rankings on the search engines continue to improve. They are extremely satisfied with the work that Wpromote has provided and continues to provide and with online sales increasing and costs decreasing, they are clearly reaping the benefits!


5 thoughts on “Client Profile – Playkids
  1. KRONiS says:

    if you search on ‘swings’ swingset.com is currently #1, try it! And you don’t get the weird ‘swinger people’ results either. ha

  2. Good work, little buddy. As far as the swingers…no comment. But I do love swings!

  3. Gilligan says:

    Thanks Skipper. How’s the island?

  4. The island is great, little buddy, but there’s something strange floating in the water…

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