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PetFlow, a newly established online pet food delivery service, was looking for an SEM agency to maximize their marketing efforts and ensure company growth.  PetFlow had recently launched their PPC campaign, but realized they needed help in lowering their CPA and finding new ways to expand their campaign to capitalize on every marketing dollar spent.

PetFlow had an existing PPC campaign that was converting well after just a few months of launching, but unfortunately it was converting at a high CPA. Being a newly established business within a competitive industry, PetFlow needed a way to lower their CPA without increasing their overall advertising spend.

With two types of orders, single purchases and recurring service purchases, PetFlow also needed a custom way to track and differentiate revenue by order type.

To begin, we performed an in-depth audit of the clients existing campaign and looked for areas to expand and improve upon.  After performing the audit, we discovered many of their ads were general and not targeted to a specific brand or category they were advertising under.  We also noticed that many of their ads were driving traffic to either the homepage or other general landing pages, instead of directing the user straight to the product they had been searching for.

A comprehensive build out of their account into two campaigns, brand and category, was needed in order to customize their ads and keywords accordingly. By working with the client, we would create brand specific ads that would lead directly to newly developed corresponding brand product pages.  This would ultimately save users time searching through the site, and would help PetFlow increase their conversions and achieve their goal CPA.

The audit also depicted existing promotional opportunities currently running on PetFlow’s site, that they were not capitalizing on by mentioning them in their ads. With ongoing expert management, we would implement special offers and incentives into their ad copy to further encourage conversions.  In addition to our daily expert management, our proprietary PPC technology would be used to ensure maximum account optimization for PetFlow.


In just three months of service, we saw overwhelming improvement across campaigns. With both campaigns we were able to significantly increase the number of conversions while decreasing overall spend, ultimately saving PetFlow thousands of dollars.

For their category campaign, conversions increased by 25% and their cost per lead decreased by more than 56%.  The results for their brand campaign were also remarkable.  The comprehensive brand campaign development increased their conversions by 50%.  Their brand campaign also converted at a significantly lower cost, with a 55% decrease in cost per lead.

In addition to lowering their CPA beyond their desired goal, we assisted PetFlow with their revenue tracking needs by implementing a custom programmed tracking pixel. The pixel tracked their revenue in an extremely detailed manner, allowing them to have a more accurate account of their advertising revenue stream.  It also enabled us to further optimize their campaign according to the type of conversion, single versus recurring orders.

About PetFlow:
Founded in 2009, PetFlow was created for one simple reason, to ensure that pet owners never run out of food for their pets. Offering a wide selection of healthy pet foods and treats, PetFlow’s subscription delivery service gives pet owners a constant supply of pet food delivered right to their doors.  Their easy to use site, allows users to simply select their favorite pet food, setup a customized delivery schedule, and make adjustments to it as time passes to fits their pets exact needs.


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