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Outright, a small business bookkeeping and accounting software company, came to Wpromote looking to optimize their organic rankings in a very competitive industry. Outright wanted to supplement their PPC campaign, which Wpromote had successfully managed for the past 6 months, with an aggressive SEO strategy.

Outright.com had a strong URL history, having been archived in 1996, but the competition in their industry is strong. They strived to rank against large online accounting companies such as Intuit, QuickBooks and Peachtree.  In order for Outright to rank competitively, Wpromote needed to thoroughly analyze SEO opportunities and implement not only proven, but unique strategies.

Wpromote began by performing an in-depth audit of Outright’s website, looking for areas that could be improved upon, and for new opportunities where they could stand out from their competitors. The audit determined that they could significantly improve their rankings through onsite changes and a strong link building campaign.

To begin, imperative onsite changes to their title tags and meta descriptions were made to provide them with a solid SEO foundation. Outright’s title tags were enhanced with targeted keywords to be more search engine friendly and aggressive. Outright’s website pages lacked accurate, unique and descriptive meta descriptions. Their descriptions were re-written to be more accurate and all duplications were removed. In addition, compelling call-to-actions were added to increase clickthrough rates. Other key onsite changes that were made included the creation of an HTML sitemap to assist the search engines and visitors in locating specific pages throughout the website, adjusting navigation to be consistent and include all relevant pages, fixing broken links, and customizing a 404 error page in case users come across a broken page.

The audit uncovered further site optimization potential through the addition of keyword-targeted content.  In order for the search engines to consider a website authoritative, it must include relevant, informative, original, and frequently updated content. The top-level pages on Outright’s site, such as ‘Learn More’ and ‘Resources’ sections, were lacking optimized content, therefore new content was written for those key pages.

Lastly, a strategic link building campaign was carried out to increase website authority in the search engines. Gathering inbound links is a key element of SEO, however it is imperative to obtain quality links from reputable websites that are properly tagged for optimization. One way that Wpromote acquired inbound links for Outright was by reaching out to relevant sites for opportunities to guest blog. Another method of link building Wpromote used, was working with Outright and their PR team in creating an Infographic, when done correctly Infographics can be highly beneficial to SEO rankings and add significant value and interest to the site.

Within the first two months, Outright began to see vast improvements to their SEO rankings and overall online presence. The updated title tags and content across the site significantly helped their rankings and visibility for many big industry keywords. In Google, which accounted for 90% of the site’s traffic, Outright’s ranking improved for their top three targeted keywords, moving from positions #7 to #1, #8 to #4, and #53 to #35.

Outright received a 26% traffic increase compared to the same quarter the previous year. There were drastic traffic improvements for three targeted search terms in the fourth quarter of 2011 compared to the fourth quarter of 2010, showing an increase in traffic by 100%, 263%, and an astonishing 1,708%.

The biggest success came in early December when Outright launched an Infographic on their blog, titled “The Commerce of Christmas.” It broke down where people were doing their holiday shopping, when they were doing it, what they were buying, and how much the average shopper was spending during the holiday season. The Infographic quickly became a hit, due to its timeliness and intriguing subject matter. On December 10th alone, the Infographic drove over 1,000 visitors to Outright’s site. This quickly turned into almost 4,000 views by the end of the month and it received 123 Facebook Likes, 41 Tweets, 3,740 views on StumbleUpon, and 135 Diggs.  It also received 30 organic links from various eCommerce and finance articles and blogs, including Business Insider, as well as Facebook shares by numerous social media influencers such as Frugal Dad.

Outright was founded by two former Intuit employees in 2006. They had left Intuit to start their own company, and like many small business owners, they struggled with organizing their financial data, which was in multiple places and formats. Their mission when developing Outright was to dramatically streamline the work involved with running a small business and keeping the business’ finances on track and organized. Since late 2008, the team has been releasing weekly improvements to the Outright service, all to improve the lives of the 100,000+ small business owners who have signed up over the years.


One thought on “Client Profile – Outright: Unique Optimization & Link Building Strategy Shows Impressive Increase In Traffic & Rankings
  1. Brian Flores says:

    The main thing I took from this client spot light is the power of well-written meta description and CTA. Together, they have the ability to impact CTR and ultimately ranking! Great job with outright!

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