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Nox Edge, a manufacturer of workout supplements, came to Wpromote looking to increase their paid search traffic and ultimately their sales volume. Nox Edge had an existing PPC campaign running at a profitable CPA, but was having trouble expanding their campaign without increasing their CPA. They needed the help of an agency to find new areas and techniques available to grow their campaign and sales volume without changing their acquisition cost.

In order to increase Nox Edge’s sales without increasing their CPA, strategic campaign adjustments, budget allocations and new initiatives would need to be implemented. Keeping the campaign’s CPA balanced while testing out these new initiatives would be challenging, and would involve calculated campaign maneuvering. Their existing campaigns would need to be optimized to lower their CPA so that new initiatives could be opened up in the account and still keep their CPA at their desired level.

To begin we performed an extensive campaign audit to unearth areas for potential expansion. The audit showed that Nox Edge was mostly focusing their PPC advertising on brand terms. An extensive campaign build out that included not only additional variations for their brand terms, but also generic supplement terms, competitor terms, and celebrity endorsement terms would prove to be beneficial.

In addition to the campaign development, special offers and promotions would be implemented into the campaign to improve conversion rates. We would work together closely with the client to create ads containing special offers that would coordinate with new landing pages they designed containing such promotions.

Next, with detailed bid management using our proprietary technology and hands on management from one of our seasoned campaign managers, we could successfully optimize their campaign and lower their CPA, leaving us budget to embark on new advertising initiatives to further grow their sales.

One new initiative we saw opportunity for growth with was running image and text ads through Google’s display network. With a popular celebrity endorsing their product, Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore, using Google’s Display network would be a great way to reach a larger audience of potential fans. To further capitalize on their celebrity endorsement, retargeting ads containing images of “The Situation” would be implemented to try to recapture the interest of users who visited the site and left without making a purchase.

In their first 4 months of service, Nox Edge saw drastic improvements throughout their campaign. By expanding their search terms and optimizing their existing PPC campaign, we were able to increase total conversions by more than 50%.

The successful campaign optimization helped free up existing budgets to test out new advertising initiatives. Their newly developed Display campaign, which included both image and text ads, attributed to a significant number of conversions, and through expert management we were able to increase Display conversions by a whopping 140% in those first months.

Their new retargeting campaign also proved to be highly successful. Retargeting ads brought back an astonishing 12,000 visitors to their site. Through continuous campaign optimization, including updating and testing new ad creative, we were able to increase their retargeting conversions by 75% over the 4 month period.

About Nox Edge
Nox Edge is a powerful enhancing Hemodilator formulated to speed muscle recovery and boost Nitric Oxide levels in the body. This pre-workout dietary supplement, which is the first to come in a chewable tablet, helps increase muscle size, improve endurance, as well as boost stamina and load capacity. Nox Edge is scientifically engineered to maximize workouts, helping people get bigger, stronger, faster.


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