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FlagsRUs first started selling decorative garden flags and accessories online in 1998. flagsrus.org logoAfter achieving early success and a growing demand for their products, the business decided to expand and in July of 2002 they purchased a historic building that is now used as their warehouse and retail store. This one-of-a-kind, family run business truly stands out among its competitors. FlagsRUs is not only renowned for its high quality products, but also for its unmatched reliability and excellent customer service. Offering the largest online selection of decorative flags, mailbox covers, and other essential accessories for homes and businesses, FlagsRUs prides itself on making sure customers find exactly what they are looking for. From seasonal flags and yard signs to wind socks and spinners, the options are endless. On their website, customers can browse by theme, seasons, or accessories. No matter if you are looking for a bird-themed garden flag or a seasonal winter doormat, FlagsRUs won’t disappoint. That’s not all! FlagsRUs even offers its clients free shipping on all continental US orders. So, if you are looking for that perfect decorative flag for your garden or a beautiful windsock to liven up your front porch, visit FlagsRUs.org today!

easter flagTwelve years after their initial launch on the Internet, FlagsRUs was looking to increase online sales, expand their client base, and more effectively compete with their competitors on the Web. Turning to Wpromote’s PPC management services to achieve these goals, FlagsRUs has already exceeded all expectations, surpassing their initial goals in only 10 months! Prior to launching their first campaign with Wpromote in April of 2009, FlagsRUs was achieving on average about 370 conversions per month on Google. After only one month with Wpromote, online conversions nearly doubled. Through Wpromote’s expertly managed online advertising campaigns, FlagsRUs has greatly expanded its online presence. Their effective marketing strategy, which includes banner ads and search ads and utilizes day-to-day management and Google Analytics in order to find out what keywords most effectively drive traffic to the site, has resulted in increased sales and decreased cost per conversion. After several months of active daily PPC management and optimization of the account, FlagsRUs achieved over three times the number of conversions with only two times the amount of spend. In the next few months, Wpromote hopes to help FlagsRUs continue to increase sales and decrease costs and successfully grow their business online.


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