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Elemental LEDElemental LED is a premier lighting company that began working with Wpromote just a few months ago. In this short period of time Wpromote has recognized that this is a unique company that anyone would be proud and excited to work with. The brains behind the company are self-proclaimed lighting nuts. They believe in making a difference by lighting the way for individuals,  businesses and society as a whole. This company stays current on the trends in their industry and technology as a whole to assure that their clients receive the best products, services and knowledge available. The customer service received when purchasing or working with Elemental LED is unmatched. They truly care about the satisfaction of everyone that crosses their path.

What is a LED light? LED stands for light emitting diodes. These can be used in a variety of circumstances, including digital clocks, remote controls, watches, jumbo screens and traffic lights. More recently LED’s have become a common choice to light office and home areas. These lights don’t get as hot or burn out as quickly as typical incandescent bulbs, making them an eco-friendly option.

Elemental LED is in their third month as an SEO client at Wpromote. Their rankings have shown significant growth and we are confident they will continue to do so. One of the challenges while working on SEO for an eCommerce store is the large size of their catalog.  Wpromote’s SEO team took a two-angled approach to ElementalLED’s campaign.  We first identified and fixed major issues such as search engine crawlability & canonicalization, which may have been damaging the site’s rankings, and then focused our energies on establishing a long-term approach for organic search success.  We tackled crawlability issues first by setting up an automatically generated XML sitemap that correctly prioritizes all new product and category pages.  With information from Wpromote’s PPC Management department and analytics, we began focusing on optimizing product specific pages in efforts to rank for numerous longer-tail keywords.  Our next big step will be implementing an efficient formula for meta information across all product pages.  By implementing a dynamic formula, we can quickly target and manually refine for highly-searched & highly-relevant keyword specific pages, while lowering the opportunity cost for clients.

Elemental LED is not only an SEO and PPC client at Wpromote, they are also a Website Development client. Wpromote started by re-vamping the shopping cart on the site to make it more visually appealing and less arduous. This shopping cart included some advanced features that allows for a more user friendly experience, such as a shipping quote generator, easy tabbing and the ability to update the specifics of your order at any time within the cart without having to go back to the shopping area. This project was recently completed and we are confident it will increase the number of online sales as this company continues to grow.  Wpromote is also building custom inventory management, reporting, order processing and content management for Elemental LED to manage their online and phone orders in one easy-to-use administrative area. We look forward to exceeding their expectations on this large task and any future projects they need assistance with.

Wpromote is lucky to be a part of the Elemental family!


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