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EagleRider, the world’s largest motorcycle rental and touring company, came to Wpromote looking to further optimize their social media campaigns in order to grow sales and expand brand awareness. With 45 rental facilities worldwide, EagleRider was also looking to make their campaigns more cohesive and consistent.

The biggest challenge in bringing an overall cohesiveness to EagleRider’s social media profiles was that a Facebook user and a Twitter user had already obtained the name “EagleRider.” The Facebook vanity URL, www.facebook.com/EagleRider and the Twitter URL, www.twitter.com/EagleRider, needed to be reclaimed by the company.

To begin, Wpromote was able to reclaim the EagleRider vanity URL for their Facebook profile by reaching out to a contact at Facebook. This way a consistent brand name could be maintained to enhance search results across the web. A new badge was designed including more information, utilizing maximum space and effectively branding the page. A fan gate was created which does not allow non-fans to view content without “Liking” the page. Daily engagements were posted, including posts that coincided with current tours and bike events. To ensure positive reputation management, all comments and posts by fans were responded to in a timely manner. An event page was created to project the number of people interested in attending this year’s EagleRider Customer Appreciation Party in Birmingham, England.

Other Facebook efforts included Facebook Advertising. Two ads, both with an estimated reach between 400,000 – 600,000 Facebook users, were ran to supplement organic growth on their profile page. The goal was to target the company’s core demographic that had not yet connected, with the potential to become fans.

An audit of EagleRider’s Twitter profile uncovered additional opportunities for optimization.  Wpromote’s first step in optimizing EagleRider’s Twitter profile was requesting to reclaim their username. They were successful in obtaining the name and establishing an official account by providing the proper trademark documents. Next, they implemented a new avatar and skin to keep cohesive brand identity. Daily engagements were posted and friendly and informative responses were generated for all those tweeting about EagleRider. To optimize the profile, a reciprocal follow policy was maintained, which means that a 1:1 following to follower ratio is kept.

Although a branded YouTube channel had already been established, Wpromote utilized this feature properly by redesigning the banner and adding links to EagleRider’s official website, Facebook fan page and Twitter profile. All YouTube videos were also promoted on their other social media profiles to encourage views.

In the first 3 months of EagleRider’s social media campaign, there were tremendous improvements across the board.

Through daily engagements on their Facebook profile, the number of impressions increased which created more fan interaction. This led to an astounding 80% increase in fans. This was also due in part to the advertising campaign ran on Facebook. An impressive 90% of users who clicked on the first advertisement made a connection, and 89% of users who selected the second advertisement made a connection.

EagleRider went from not having a Twitter presence at all, to establishing a solid foundation of loyal followers and brand ambassadors. Through this outreach we have been able to hone in on valuable conversations and supply direct links to EagleRider’s website, respond to inquiries, and encourage friendly interactions between EagleRider and other Twitter users.

EagleRider’s branded YouTube channel was optimized, which facilitated additional traffic to their official site and social media profiles. New videos were added and disseminated across Facebook and Twitter in order to increase views and encourage fan engagement. Within the first three months, their total views had increased to almost 14,000.

Due to the overwhelming success of their social media campaign, EagleRider was recently honored with the prestigious award of “Most Improved Business” for their social media integration in 2011 by Heartwood Digital at Motorcycle Live. Heartwood Digital recognized that before EagleRider had partnered with Wpromote, their site had no social media integration whatsoever, and now their profiles are above average in their levels of activity, fans and followers.

EagleRider offers the world’s largest selection of adventure vehicle rentals. EagleRider was founded in 1992 by four long-time Harley-Davidson owners and enthusiasts who wanted to build a business that was an extension of their own passion for riding and adventure. They now market the “American Dream” to destination minded vacationers, adventure travelers and motorcycle enthusiasts by offering over 2,500 dirt bike, ATV, motorcycle, watercraft and snowmobile rental vehicles, as well as full-service tour resources.


One thought on “Client Profile – EagleRider: Established Fan Base And Increased Sales Through Social Media Profile Optimization
  1. Gabriel says:

    I think the optimization of YouTube pages is vastly overlooked. It really is the low hanging fruit and having simple link extensions in the banner make everything come together better. That’s cool they were recognized by their peers for their recent online efforts!

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