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Artizara.com LogoThe concept of ‘modesty’ is a common thread among the major monotheistic faiths of the Abrahamic tradition; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. A modestly dressed woman is not “oppressed,’ but “empowered”. By electing to cover herself, a woman forces those around her to focus on her intellect, and not on her body. Forward-thinking clothing company, Artizara, is devoted to finding common ground among women of diverse faiths and cultures, challenging stereotypes, and letting the world know that Muslim women are enlightened, vibrant and active members of the communities in which they reside.

Artizara.com was founded in 2004 to fulfill the Islamic clothing needs of socially conscious women who desire to dress stylishly yet modestly. Wanting to blend world style with Islamic heritage, Artizara surveyed the marketplace for the latest in womens’ fashion. Realizing how difficult it was for women to find modest yet fashionable clothing at an affordable price, they went straight to manufacturers and began designing Islamic apparel themselves. Compared to other online clothing stores, Artizara offers the latest in basic and specialty women’s apparel including modest wedding dresses, headscarves, and trendy jackets at competitive prices. From tunic tops to the latest Islamic jewelry, Artizara.com has pioneered its way into becoming a leading provider of fashionable apparel for women of all faiths who believe that dressing modestly is cool.

Since their debut, Artizara has garnered considerable press, including coverage in newspapers such as The New York Times and Washington Post. It has also been featured on Bridges TV.

Earlier this year, Artizara enlisted the pay-per-click and SEO services of Wpromote. Using an integrated approach, Wpromote has been able to increase Artizara’s rankings for broad and long tail keywords. Next steps for Artizara include building out a resources section on their site to help transform it into an authoritative online resource on Islamic clothing. We look forward to seeing more great results!


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    Nice profile, Ahmed! We should do more of these…

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