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Applause-Tickets.com came to Wpromote looking to optimize their organic rankings in an extremely competitive field.  With low search results for their big industry keywords as well as Broadway show specific keywords, Applause needed a campaign that would deliver their desired visibility.

Most ticket sales sites, including their main competitors, used the same content to describe each event, show or performance, making it difficult to stand out against the competition. With many other large, online ticket companies who also have lengthy histories in the search engines as their primary competition, Applause-Tickets.com was looking for unique ways to optimize their site.  With new shows constantly being added to their ticket line-up, they also needed a way to update and optimize their site for new shows on a regular basis.

Wpromote began by performing a thorough audit of the client’s website, looking for areas that could be improved upon, and for new opportunities where they could stand out from their competitors.  The audit determined that they could significantly improve upon ranking not only for big industry keywords, but also for show specific keywords by optimizing their pages with unique show descriptions.

To take advantage of these long-tail keywords, which typically convert at a better rate, an aggressive SEO campaign was needed to optimize their individual show pages.  To begin, we added unique content to each of the show pages containing targeted show-related keywords. To close in on more users, we created new meta titles and descriptions to help identify the new pages and ensure they were unique and directed toward their ideal keywords.

The audit also showed that many users were searching for theatre specific keywords, which Applause-Tickets.com was not capitalizing on.  The creation of theatre pages that were user friendly, contained maps, directions, theatre information, and reviews would prove to be beneficial.

Another integral part to their optimization plan was making their blog more active. Their blog was a great avenue for adding new keyword-targeted content, but it wasn’t being given the attention it needed.  We improved upon their blog by writing new content for them, which was posted on a weekly basis.

In just a few months, Applause-Tickets began to see improvement in many areas.  The regular blog posting helped their ranking and visibility for many big industry keywords. They previously averaged 2nd page rankings, but in just a few months their average for big industry keywords was on the 1st page of organic search engine results.

Capitalizing on theatre keywords by creating individual theatre pages, also attributed to the increase of organic traffic to their site.  Traffic delivered from theatre searches improved drastically compared to last year.

The most improvement however, was seen with their long-tail keywords rankings.  Creating content for the individual show pages, that was unique from their competitors, drastically improved their show related keyword rankings.  Compared to the prior year, the traffic they received from many of their show keywords increased by over 1000%.

About Applause-Tickets.com
Applause-Tickets.com is a respected leader in the broadway theatre ticket industry, providing clients with the best tickets, for the best shows, at unbeatable prices. Unlike other ticket websites, Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service is not just about the sale, they look to provide you with a wonderful Broadway experience, and they accomplish that through their excellent service and industry knowledge. When dealing with Applause you are in contact with real people who live and work in New York City, and you get real time ticket sales and exact seat locations. From ticket sales, to hotel and restaurant suggestions, Applause-Tickets.com will help you coordinate an unforgettable New York vacation.


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