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When someone is in the market for a white gemstone, they often think of only two types of stones: if they have the money to spare they go with the diamond, and if they are on an extremely tight budget they go with the cubic zirconia. However, there are many other white gemstones that could be a better fit for your desired specifications and your budget.

For instance, did you know that Moissanite has a higher brilliance than diamonds, yet because it is laboratory made it is only a fraction of the price? If you are looking for a cheaper natural gemstone, perhaps white sapphire or white topaz would be a better fit. It is always an option to save money on the ring to put it toward a more lavish wedding and honeymoon!

In their latest Infographic, Moissanite weighs out the pros and cons of each major white gemstone. With this streamlined information, they have made it easy to find the gemstone that fits you, or your loved one, best. 

Check out the Infographic in its entirety, and feel free to share it with your family and friends. Wedding bells are bound to be near for someone you know, and this information will be extremely valuable to them!


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