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As styles have shifted over time, one thing has remained constant – the tendency for women to look to female celebrities as standard-bearers of fashion and beauty. Throughout history, these feminine trendsetters have had a tremendous influence on the way other women perceived themselves and the fashion standards they followed. The rise of a new star can signal major changes in the way women present themselves to the world. A new infographic from Classic Shapewear takes a closer look at each of these iconic styles.

In the 1920s, Louise Brooks rose to fame in silent comedies and flapper films. Her relatively short career had an enormous impact on women of her day, as they went out in droves to have their long locks chopped into flirty bobbed styles to match the one Brooks had worn since childhood. This fashionable film star was among the first modern celebrities, and her influence helped to expand the definition of female beauty to include androgynous features.

In the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe took center stage as a film actress, sex symbol, and fashion role model. Her curvy hips and ample bust were considered the ultimate expression of womanly appeal. Her influence on the fashion world can still be seen today, and more than half a century after her death, she is still considered one of the greatest style and beauty icons of all time.


Read the entire infographic to learn more about how celebrities have influenced fashion trends and female beauty standards.


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