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Wpromote Account Director Claire Perez joins Greg Pautsch to discuss a number of Ecommerce strategies and best practices, centered around increasing average order value. Claire starts by speaking to top funnel messaging (4:00), helping Greg with one of his clients (6:52), and explaining dos and don’ts when it comes to cross-selling and upselling (9:10). The conversation then transitions to the shopping cart checkout process (13:30), whether to display shipping prices (15:10), how many payment options to display (16:20), and even more shipping talk (17:50). Greg explains “nibbling” (19:10) and then they get a bit more specific about the free shipping price threshold (20:30) and how to set up effective promotions (22:30). They then bounce around from personalized experience websites (25:20) to loyalty programs (28:40) to e-mails role in increasing AOV (32:20). Finally, there’s a discussion revolving around effectively selling high ticket items online (33:05).



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