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Great things come in little packages. The little things are what make life special; they can be as simple as decorating your notes with doodles, dusting off your mind,  or saying a compliment to a stranger that might make their day. Chronicle Books has come out with two great infographics highlighting the power of doodling and the importance of kindness in our lives. Doodling isn’t just mindless dribble, it actually engages the mind in many ways perfect for keeping you focused and giving you a creative edge. Being kind to others isn’t just a one way street; studies show that being nice and giving actually improves your own happiness and health!


Whether you draw a little something or give a little kindness, get some more ideas to renew and uplift your life here. If you need things to draw, exactly 642 things, or want a reminder what happiness really is, try some of Chronicle Books’ fun new infographics!


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