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A local dentistry practice in Manhattan Beach, CA, Withers Dental came to Wpromote in 2009 with the knowledge that the days of relying on the Yellow Pages to grow its business were numbered. Upon learning over 1,000 Internet users every month were searching for the term “Manhattan Beach dentist,” Dr. Withers knew it was time to advertise online.


Dr. Withers was wary of investing in online marketing with no experience or proof it would turn a profit for his business. In turn, Wpromote designed a search marketing campaign customized to produce results with a moderate initial spend.


Analyzed niche, goals, and budget

After identifying Dr. Withers budget, we prioritized his marketing goals: a website and small Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign in the short term and valuable organic rankings down the line. Through keyword research and competitor analysis, we determined how to allocate the budget based on the minimum projected cost of seeing a return on PPC.

Designed a comprehensive search engine marketing campaign

With an idea of how to leverage Dr. Withers’ budget for maximum results, we recommended a comprehensive search engine marketing campaign composed of three key components: an attractive website, an entry-level PPC campaign, and basic SEO consulting on site structure and content to help set the stage for strong organic rankings.

Developed an attractive, professional web presence

The first step in establishing a strong presence for Withers Dental online was the creation of a useful and aesthetically-pleasing website to highlight all available services and drive users to complete an online form requesting a consultation.

To minimize page abandonments and maximize possible conversions, we paid close attention to user-navigation during the design process. We also added a comprehensive content library covering dentistry and dental health to the site to enhance visitor value and generate organic rankings for industry-relevant terms.

Next, we installed lead-tracking and analytics tools to monitor site performance and help calculate the value of a visitor.

Followed SEO best practices during website development

Building the Withers Dental site from scratch allowed us to implement SEO best practices from the start. First, we focused on designing an intuitive and search-engine-friendly site structure. Next, we implemented SEO-friendly page URLs, unique Meta descriptions and tags, optimized content, and proper sitemaps to ensure easy and accurate search engine indexing.

Built and launched a highly targeted PPC campaign

Once we completed the Withers Dental site, we launched a strategic PPC campaign with a limited spend and keyword list. To select the right keywords, we analyzed all potential terms and identified the most lucrative possibilities. Next, we created a keyword list designed to produce the highest return on investment possible by focusing on specialty services such as root canals and oral surgery and targeting users looking for dentists in Manhattan Beach and surrounding areas.


Search engine visibility

A well-optimized website and highly-targeted PPC campaign helped Dr. Withers establish a valuable online presence in little time. In just a few months after launching the site and campaign, ads for Withers Dental appeared in the #1 and 2 positions for lucrative keywords.

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Users who clicked the ad were delivered to an intuitive, stunning site, and upon taking desired actions like requesting a consultation or making a call, users were recorded as qualified leads using site analytics.

Online lead generation and new business growth

Since launching a website and PPC campaign, Dr. Withers’ investment in online advertising has more than paid for itself. In just one month, Dr. Withers saw a return of 175% for every dollar spent, making his practice immediately more profitable. On top of that, after calculating the lifetime value of every new patient gained, Dr. Withers long-term ROI is an incredible 12,600%.

“With a limited budget, we need every dollar to count. In working with Wpromote for the past year, not only did they handle everything, but we are profitable every month, and for every dollar we spend, we reap $126 of lifetime revenue: unbelievable!”

— Dr. Brian Withers


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    I would like to know the name of Dr Brain wither Site ?

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