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Blekko is currently a search engine in beta right now that most people haven’t heard of. Though it’s in its infant stages at the moment, Blekko brings a variety of helpful tools for SEOs.  And best of all, they’re free to use!  Here are a few:

1.) Monitor inbound links daily:

Let’s say you want to spy on your competitors to see what kind of links they are getting on a daily basis.  Blekko allows you to track the different types of links a website is receiving by the second.  You can also use this on your own site for various purposes.  Just simply enter this command into the Blekko search box:

/sitelink=yoursite.com !/site=google.com /date

(replace ‘yoursite.com’ with your own website)

–    Great for checking your incoming inbound links or competitor incoming links.

2.) Competitive Link Comparison

Let’s say you wanted to strengthen your link portfolio by acquiring links that your competitor already has, where would you start?  Blekko gives users an excellent starting point for seeing what kind of links you might be missing out on.  As a bonus, Blekko also shows domains you and your competitors are both receiving links from.  Just use this command:

www.yoursite.com /compare

Then just enter your competitors URL and your URL in the two forms below and click ‘Compare’.

(Tip: It might be helpful to look past the first page of results and dive into the second and third pages because that is where you will find most of the relevant/niche sites)

3.) Get Anchor Text Distribution:

Interested in finding out the anchor text distribution across your website? Blekko can help you do that – just use this command and scroll to the bottom of the page:

www.yoursite.com /urlseo

(replace ‘www.yoursite.com’ with your website URL)

Blekko is still fairly new and a lot of these metrics haven’t been totally defined yet, but I find that the interface and ease of use make it a very handy SEO Tool.  I look forward to seeing any new stuff they have planned for the future.  Hope this helps!


4 thoughts on “Blekko: A Powerful And Free SEO Tool
  1. Joe Nguyen says:

    This is awesome information. The easy part would be copying what you have here.. the hard part would be putting together an action plan and executing. Any upcoming blogposts on how? haha

  2. Marjorie says:

    Great features, especially that it’s free! Tools like SeoMoz and WebCeo might have a hard time maintaining their paying users because of Blekko. 😛

  3. Greg Holbert says:

    Surprised no one had thought of this sooner! Great find and we may have a new search engine that SEO people can make rival even the mighty Google!

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