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In a society where we are in constant motion, demanding instant responses, and up-to-the-minute news, multitasking plays a large role in our daily routine. While most of us have earned a Masters in juggling ten things at once, accidents with gadgets have been known to be acquainted with one another from time to time. Whether it is dropping your iPhone, hastily writing an email and spilling coffee on your computer… or even a bottle of water falling on to your laptop thanks to an impromptu game of office soccer (cough Scott Elling cough), many of us have been victims of accidents of the sort. Well, thanks to Dell and OPI, your laptop can look as though you spilled an entire bottle of nail polish on it, without the ramifications!


Leading nail polish manufacturer, OPI, has partnered with Dell to offer their best-selling shades as an option for the Dell Mini, Inspiration, and Studio laptops. Finally, SEO Bombshells and lovers of everything tech-y and trendy worldwide can now match our nails with our e-mails (sigh). “OPI’s high style and Dell’s award-winning technology combine to offer people stylish options deliver the ultimate combination of color and connectivity on the go” said Rachna Bhasin, General Manager of partnerships and personalization or global consumer for Dell. Not only do these laptops come in bold, fun, and exclusive OPI nail polish colors, but the shades have been given cheeky names like “I’m Not Really a Waitress.” And if you happen to spill some polish while sending that e-mail, it’s okay, your boss will remain none the wiser.


4 thoughts on “Bites from an SEO Bombshell
  1. mike stone says:

    still not a mac. Those are hot without any nailpolish matching…

  2. KRONiS says:

    I spilled a large glass of water last week, luckily it only got the desk and phone, although the cup didn’t make it. Thankfully paper towel was quickly thrown in my direction, and I’m pretty sure it was unrelated to a brief phone outage yesterday. Great post Sass!

  3. So, does this mean you have to buy a laptop to match your shade of nail polish? I can see this becoming unwieldily expensive in a hurry!

  4. This is one awesome article post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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