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It’s been a busy week here at Wpromote and an exciting week in technology. Each time I thought I had found the perfect topic for my blog post this week, something bigger, better, and shinier was announced to distract me.

Google Local Business Center

The first development I want to mention is the launch of free Google listings for local businesses, something I learned of thanks to Christian one of our SEO managers here at Wpromote. The service lets local businesses add their information to Google Maps and ensures it shows up in local search listings, an incredible tool if you ask me. I can attest to using Google Maps and local listings to find most things from restaurants to movies to dry cleaners.

Image courtesy of Cnet.com

Image courtesy of Cnet.com

The second blog-worthy announcement this week was the early launch of Microsoft’s new decision/search portal, Bing which was released on Monday to mixed but mostly positive reviews. Specifically, there has been lots of talk suggesting the integration of images and video into its search results makes Bing preferable to Google. I’ve played around with it and found it returns better-than-Google results on some queries, and not-as-good-as-Google results on others. It is hard to say whether Bing is ‘better’ than Google this early in the game, but I hope its mere release is a sign Microsoft will gain some market share, because one guy running the show is never as fun as several.

Image courtesy of PDD.net

Image courtesy of PDD.net

The third exciting launch this week also comes from Microsoft (did you just see that pig fly by?) and is called Project Natal, a new motion controller for Xbox 360 that was unveiled at E3 (the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo held in Los Angeles) that promises to revolutionize gaming, socializing, and entertainment. Not only does Project Natal make it possible for your Xbox to read your movements and commit appropriate actions within a gaming environment (kick a ball, fight, dance, jump, sing, etc.), it also recognizes speech and facial characteristics so in theory, you can actually talk to it. Amazing (and a little creepy).

What do you think is exciting in tech? Has anyone tried out Bing? And how do you feel about talking to a piece of electronic equipment that stands in the middle of your living room? Post your thoughts below!


6 thoughts on “Bing Is Better Than Predicted (and 2 Other Techy Tidbits)
  1. Jonathan says:

    More Pictures. Yay!

  2. Chris Laub says:

    I want the Natal controller, now!

  3. Jesse Bouman says:

    Chandler Bing, Microsoft Bing…Could I BEEEEEE anymore excited?

  4. marcyzuendel says:

    Natal Controller IS kinda creepy… but I kinda want one!

  5. mike stone says:

    Great piece in the LA Times about the Bing campaign – http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-ct-neil9-2009jun09,0,3611284.column

  6. SEO Rockstar says:

    It would seem that VERY soon most people will be using their TV’s to sign into Facebook and making Twitter updates from their phones – but what about our laptops? And is voice activation really that great? Its starting to feel like Star Trek without the green people.

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