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From weekend warrior bloggers to Fortune 500 behemoths, 27 percent of websites on the entire internet use WordPress to power, design, and manage their platforms. It’s easy to use, open source, highly customizable, and best of all, free.

But no matter how many bells and whistles are sprawled across your sleek new site, search engine users aren’t going to discover your products or services if your website isn’t properly optimized. This is where good ol’ SEO comes into play.

While there is a plethora of tools to help you achieve higher rankings, these SEO plugins are personally used by the team at Wpromote. Give them a try and see which ones best suit your needs. And, while these plugins may help you achieve your online goals, seeking the assistance of a professional team can reap you benefits you might not even have thought of.


It’s no coincidence that Yoast is mentioned first. Not only is this the preferred SEO plugin for Wpromote, but it’s the most popular SEO tool for WordPress with over 3 million downloads and counting.

Based out of the Netherlands, Yoast has been universally lauded for its all-in-one functionality and key features such as content analysis, XML sitemap generation, and URL redirects.

Wpromote’s Senior Digital Marketing Specialist Tucker Smith is particularly enamored with the preview feature. “Yoast helps me handle what a page will look like in a search engine, so I can easily edit metadata for a site without having to constantly go back to separate pages. It’s a super timesaver when you’re launching a new site or doing a large content refresh.”

AMP Plugin

We’ve come a long way since dial-up, and in this era of 5G and 500 Mbps, online users expect nothing less than blazing-fast internet speed. Our expectations are so preposterously high that 40 percent of people click away from a website if the page hasn’t loaded within 3 seconds.

Over the past couple of years, AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, has been generating buzz around the digital realm as a remedy to appease frustrated internet users and site developers. An open source project endorsed by Google, AMP is designed to consistently deliver fast mobile performance across all platforms and devices.

This WordPress plugin provides AMP functionality to your website or blog, allowing you to seamlessly display your content and provide mobile users a speedy web experience. 

Glue For Yoast SEO & AMP

As you can obviously tell from the name, Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP goes hand in hand with the previous plugins on this list. This plugin essentially “glues” Yoast’s SEO prowess onto your website’s AMP pages. The outcome? A snug position at the top of the search results.

To retain lightning fast load times, raw AMP pages are forced to sacrifice style. Glue fixes this problem so you can smoothly customize your pages to align with your site’s aesthetic.

In addition to these perks, Glue also ensures your mobile pages receive accurate AMP code to work harmoniously with Google.

DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager For WordPress


As a digital marketer, it’s imperative to monitor website traffic, customer behavior, and conversion rates, and tags are the building blocks to receiving this data. Tagging is a complex procedure, but thanks to Google Tag Manager, you don’t have to be a seasoned developer to use many of GTM’s features.

Without a tag management system, you must manually hard-code each tag into your site’s source code. It’s a pain in the neck and a massive time waster, to say the least. GTM simplifies the process by allowing you to enter a single container code snippet that will house all of your tags.

This plugin seamlessly incorporates GTM into WordPress, so you can track everything on your site with ease.


A blog post always performs better when imagery is implemented. However, if your file sizes are too large, you run the risk of slowing down your site, which will ultimately diminish your SEO value.

Let Smush take care of this predicament. The free plugin compresses your image into a smaller file size by removing unnecessary data without losing quality. Smush’s servers are so powerful that they can even handle up to 50 images at a time.

Super Cache

Harkening back to the last selection, unoptimized images aren’t the only things that can bog down your site. Everything from videos to overloaded HTML code can hinder load times and consequently lower your ranking.

With caching, your graphics, animations, videos, and other website data are stored through a browser such as Chrome or Firefox. So, the next time someone visits your site, the browser can fetch the stored information without having to download every piece of your site’s data again. This results in quicker loading times and better user experiences.

While there’s a handful of cache plugins for WordPress, Super Cache is the most downloaded among the pack for its ease of use and configuration options. It doesn’t hurt that it’s free, either.


Often dubbed the “Swiss army knife of plugins,” Jetpack is a tool brimming with features including modules for design, data backups, traffic statistics, and subscriptions, among many others.

It’s likely you won’t utilize every single component of this plugin, but you can always enable and disable a feature with the click of a button.

For SEO purposes, Jetpack gives you options to create and edit title tags and meta descriptions. You can even preview how your content will look on Google, Facebook, and Twitter.


Enticing consumers to your site is vital, but potential customers will leave faster than they arrived if they come across the dreaded “this site has been reported as unsafe” message.

That’s why focusing on security is just as important as boosting your conversion rate, especially If you consider the fact that roughly 30,000 websites are hacked each day.

Boasting over 30 million downloads, Wordfence is the most popular and most trusted security plugin for WordPress. Its features include a web application firewall, real-time threat defense feed, malware scanner, and more. Have no clue what any these words mean? Wordfence provides plenty of security 101 articles and blogs, as well as personal, in-depth support from its team of experts.

Header & Footer 

When people land on your homepage, the first and last things they typically see are the header and footer. These spots are where you usually display your company logo and embedded links to other important sections of your site. For example, Wpromote’s header and footer contains links to who we are, what we do, our clients, and our social media channels.

This WordPress plugin is a simple and intuitive tool. You can simply copy and paste code from services such as Google Analytics and Facebook into the top or bottom of your page without the need to install separate plugins.

Header and Footer also offers SEO options, including canonical tags on homepages and no-indexing for search results and home subpages.

Search Regex

Sometimes, you need to switch out some text or HTML strings on your website or blog. To avoid the time-consuming inconvenience of manually fixing content, plugins such as Search Regex help streamline the process in a matter of seconds.

Tom Owens, organic search associate for Wpromote, uses Search Regex all the time for his clients. “It operates as a find-and-replace function but for the entire site. If sections of the site have moved or changed URL paths, this tool allows you to find all instances of an old link and replace it with the new one. It’s a little more technical than just straight up SEO, but it has come through in the clutch more than a few times.”

Still not sure where to start? Let Wpromote be your beacon to more web exposure. We specialize in working with challengers, companies that have the courage to go against the grain, take risks, and maintain resilience in the face of defeat. If you believe you possess these qualities, let us know. We’ll be in your corner.


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