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IAC/InterActive Corp CEO Barry Diller says that big media companies have been slow to reap the benefits of the internet and that some just “don’t get it.” Story

Although Barry Diller is referring to companies on a billion dollar scale, we can equate it to smaller media companies, agencies and Search Marketing.

This has been an issue that we have discussed internally for some time. One of the toughest challenges we face is convincing traditional media companies that search is right for them. Specifically, it is most difficult when dealing with those individuals who for whatever reason don’t know or don’t want to know how search works. They have built extremely successful business through traditional advertising and aren’t thrilled to learn that the model they have been perfecting for 30 years has changed dramatically. It is our job to help them understand that search can drastically transform their business and we can do it cost effectively.

Now it is not quite fair to lump all media companies together in this group. We do work with a number of traditional advertising agencies and media companies who have a very good understanding of the power of search. Some of my favorite conversations have been with marketing directors and executives who understand the direction their company is heading and they are making a strategic shift online. They realize that print in dying and that they need to offer their users a better online experience in order to maintain viability, with so many alternatives just a click away. I think as time progresses, these slow moving media companies will catch up and jump into the online arena with both feet, which makes this an interesting market to be in.


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