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So this will be the second time I visit the subject of internet speeds. Last time, it was to condemn the US for being way behind most other places in the world in terms of internet speed and price. We have seemingly fallen by the wayside compared to other internet savvy countries. There is hope though! As if Verizon read my blog themselves (psyche!), they are starting to roll out much bigger and better internet options for the US to dabble with. A news headline from Engadget said it all, “Verizon pushing FiOS internet to 50Mbps throughout US.”

The initial reaction to this should be nothing short of gleeful heel-clicking leaps into the air. 50Mbps is a lot of bandwidth to play around with, and a lot more bandwidth than we are used to dealing with. It’s important to note that recently Comcast started doing “tests” of 50Mps in certain areas as well, and it is very likely that this competitive edge is what thrusted Verizon forward with their own plans. Rumors have it that the 16 FiOS enabled states in the US could have the option to go to 50Mbps by as early as next week, though with a hefty price tag. Verizon’s new service seems to come along with an annual contract at about $140/month.

What is especially neat about all this is that they aren’t just rolling out some big new plan and leaving a giant disparity between the FiOS services they offer. Accompanying the release of their new plans, Verizon also is going to be upping the scale of their existing (lower bandwidth) packages. They are respectively boosting their lowest and middle plan bandwidth speeds from 5 and 10Mbps to 15 and 20Mbps. This means more internet for everybody, and I don’t think anyone is going to complain about that.

It’s funny to think that maybe all it took for the US to really upgrade their internet infrastructure was one company to say “we will try it first,” that makes everyone else go, “Oh man! Better get our ducks in a line and get competitive.” I don’t mind though honestly, as long as it is finally happening. The idea of more people having better internet speeds just seems to suit the lifestyle of most of America as well as the direction of the lifestyle of most of America.

I believe this is what we call a Win-Win.


4 thoughts on “Bandwidth Revisited
  1. Gina Perry says:

    Great blog Ted! I hope Wpromote hops on the faster internet bandwagon not only for productivity reasons, but because it’s just plain embarrassing when I’m on the phone with a client and my page won’t load!

  2. Jeff Pickett says:

    I’m anything but en expert on the topic, but hasn’t there been a fair amount of discussion of UHF overcrowding in the past few years? (UHF being the frequency that TV, cell phones, wireless internet, and many other things are transmitted at.) Again, I don’t know much about how it all works, but wouldn’t this nationwide increase in bandwidth put some serious stress on this already growing problem?

    I understand looking at bandwidth speeds as a metric for comparing the US to other developed nations, but everything comes at a price. I would imagine that over 90% of the country is pretty satisfied with the current speed of their internet. The simple view is “if we can have it faster, why not?” I think it’s a bit more complex than that: just think of what this faster internet will do to our already-dimished attention spans! Just sayin…

  3. LA says:

    Theo – nice post. I agree with Gina in that Wpromote needs to hop on this bandwagon. Cant wait for your third post on bandwidth, yea!!!

  4. Alison Quinn says:

    Great blog Ted! Seems like Verizon is sparking just the little bit of healthy competition we need to get some readily available/affordable options for increasing bandwidth. Oh, and I’m pretty sure Verizon read your first one, how else would they have known there was a problem?? 😉

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