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Impressive eCommerce Sites Bring A New Excuse To Go Fall Shopping

I was talking with my mother the other evening, when I asked what her weekend plans were, and she replied with “back-to-school shopping” with my younger sister. Back-to what? Oh that’s right… I (almost) forgot there was a time in my life when I would use school as an “excuse” to spruce up my wardrobe. Attending private schooling from kindergarten through high school, where a uniform or strict dress code was required, there was not much room for creativity in your own wardrobe. Each fall however, I was determined to add as much personal style to the uniform as possible. Some items they could not control, were shoes, jackets, and handbags, and you best believe that is where my friends and I would stretch the uniform policy to its farthest limit.

Although I can no longer use higher education as the excuse, I do have something that I did not turn to when going back-to-school shopping with my mother as an adolescent: the internet. With every designer, brand, and store having an eCommerce site, we now have no reason not to shop. If you still need to justify some new purchases, apply L’Oreal’s tagline to your shopping needs. This phrase was drilled in my head at a young age by Claudia and supermodels alike. You know how the saying goes… “because you’re worth it.”


My grandmother always told me you could judge a person based on their shoes. I realize that might sound a bit pretentious… and I personally won’t go as far as judging someone by their shoes, however the women does have (somewhat of) a point. I do believe that if you should splurge on one item, it should be shoes. Shoes are much more versatile than another wardrobe piece, and, can dress up an outfit alone. I suggest the classic black platform pump by Miu Miu, as found on Barneys.com. What I also love about Barneys is “The Window.” The Window is Barneys site on “All Things Fashion”- featuring people, places, and events all within the fashion industry. It’s nice to be on an eCommerce site where you can take a shopping breather, and educate yourself a bit.


Another great investment, at least in my geekishly-chic world, is this iPad case by Marc Jacobs. Aside from Net-A-Porter revolutionizing the way we shop for high-end products online, and my utmost respect for Natalie Massenet, Net-A-Porter Buying Director Holli Rogers makes a great point:

“I personally bring my iPad everywhere and my new Marc Jacobs cover, makes it looks more like a chic evening bag then techie device.” Adding “This season’s new iPad cases are all about added details with chain straps, sequins and star prints from Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs, upping the tech ante for fall.” Sold.


I cherish DKNY for many reasons. Recall my stating how my friends and I would push the boundaries of our high school’s uniform policy? DKNY messenger bags, purses, and pantyhose played a large part of that. Recently, there has been a rekindling of my love for DKNY, due to DKNY’s PR Girl, and her love for social media. She is a huge fan of Twitter and Tumblr, almost as much as she is a brand ambassador for DKNY. She has managed to seamlessly, and successfully incorporate social media into the company’s Public Relations strategy, and inspires not only those interested in DKNY and fashion, but PR professionals no matter their niche. Below you can find a page dedicated to DKNY PR Girl, and her favorite picks of the season; all of which I adore, and some of which I will soon be justifying.


I once saw this printed on a t-shirt “Los Angeles: A Sunny Place for Shady People.” Funny? Definitely. Truthful? Perhaps. Regardless, since we have sunshine nearly year-round, just because it’s fall, it certainly does not mean you are done with your shades. Think of it as an opportunity to rock a different style of sunglasses. Here at Wpromote we had the pleasure of working with TOMS for many years. Not only do they have a great business model, One for One, they produce really great products as well. A few months ago, they launched their next chapter in the One for One movement through (you guessed it), sunglasses. If you felt good about yourself when you bought a pair of TOMS shoes, you can feel that same sense of pride knowing that when you buy a pair of TOMS glasses, one person receives the eye care that he or she needs.

Urban Outfitters

“Keep Calm And Carry On.” Working in PR and the marketing department, this is something I must constantly keep in mind. If you are in need of an actual bandage, or just a friendly reminder to keep on keepin’ on, these colorful band-aids will cure either one of those needs.


3 thoughts on “Back-To-School Shopping… Because You’re Worth It
  1. Sana says:

    Love the classic picks with a mod twist. The bandaids are a close second to the sunglasses….as someone with terrible vision since I was young, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like not to have eyecare readily accessible. I can’t afford not to buy them especially in the wake of my tragic loss. RIP Chanel shades.

  2. Maria says:

    I’m sure you Chanel’s lived a good, full life! #RIP #VivaLaTOMS

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