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A person is only as witty and good looking as the friends they keep. While thankfully, the second part of that statement is not true (you ugly pals of mine know who I’m talking about…Dan), there may be some truth to the first point.

When it comes to social networking Facebook is king. His Majesty, Facebook, allows one to observe the lives of others through text, imagery and videos. Often times the updated information is highly important such as the time Sherry spotted a cow on her make believe farm. That never happens! Holy…cow! Other times the update is extremely lame and boring: “Going to my baby brother’s funeral today.” Boring! Regardless of the situation, event, article or whatever a buddy is commenting on, Facebook does the right thing and gives other friends the ability to endlessly make fun of them for it; thus, making the poster awesome by association.

Awesome by Association Example:


Here I bring up a fun conversation about Jean-Claude Van Damme (I, of course, spelled his name incorrectly) and by the second comment seeds for some playful mocking are planted. By the end we get in some jabs and the world keeps on turning.

The above was an example of what a nice post looks like. It does a few things.

  1. It gets the attention of some friends.
  2. The post presents a situation where playfulness can flourish.
  3. Some well deserved mocking is initiated and recognized.
  4. The wall conversation reinforces the idea that my friends are fun and clever.
  5. I am awesome by association.

That’s what Facebook is all about. Proving that based on your conversations and the friends kept that you are cool by association.

Now that we have seen a successful little Facebook interaction, let’s take a look at a poor poster’s series.

Not Awesome by Association Example:


Am I right?! I mean…Ok, let me explain.

Where’s the ribbing? A post like this should always include a “child reader” or not knowing how to read comment. I would have enjoyed a “Yeah, that books ok, but ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’ has far more depth and superior characterization.”

This poster clearly fails on points 3 through 5 and is therefore a huge loser…and also a huge nerd for reading a book.


4 thoughts on “Awesome by Association
  1. Dan says:

    This post shows how facebook can show good banter between friends(fb post 1) and how some people who can be horribly awkward in social situations, by not continuing on the ruse that is created by the a facebook post(fb post 2). However Social Network post can work great in other ways like if you have a extra room you want to rent out, a car for sale or to intentionally start conversations with people you have never had an intelligent conversation with b/c you haven’t seen them since kindergarten.

    Basically what I am saying is that you can use Facebook to advertise something as well as start funny post with old colleagues whom you wouldn’t normally keep up with.

    nice post dom (and Dan is almost Too Handsome)

  2. Erin says:

    It’s great that Dom is reaffirming his coolness through his social networking site. It’s mostly because he never leaves his house because he can only access his friends through his computer. 😉

  3. Dom says:

    Sounds like Erin is a “Crime and Punishment” fan.

  4. Ryan says:

    I’m glad that this was the first blog post I read while setting up the new site. And now I want to watch Time Cop.

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