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No no, just kidding, there isn’t a real Google voting method, but everyone’s favorite G-company is definitely starting to tackle some political issues in a…

Chutes & Ladders

While this is characteristically off topic for a blog entry from the scholarly Wpromoter, I just couldn’t resist jumping on the opportunity to talk about…

Spoiler Warning

The internet, in all its glory and wonder, has the particular ability to be quite a den of “spoilers”. People or organizations can post just…

To Know Is To Knol

As Google grows in its ever increasing quest to make knowledge easily available and free to people, it has rolled out yet another big time…

Clash Of The Titans

The legal battle that started in March of 2007 between juggernauts Viacom and Google is finally starting to come to a close. Viacom, who sued…

Apples Or Oranges

Our favorite trendy electronics vendor, Apple, is about to unroll its new line of iPhones, and man is it exciting. Apple is soon to release…

Advertising With A Twist

How will Sony bias legitimate honest advertisers vs. people running scams? I can’t even comprehend all the undertakings that Sony is going to have to deal with in order to make this simulation a place to both have healthy and fun interactions with people, and be a great ticket into the scene of network marketing.
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