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Go Fight Win!

As the football season approaches, many people eagerly await a chance to prove their knowledge and predictions about the teams and players. Some people take…

Big Foot In The Mouth

Alright, so I’m sure from my sporadically placed blogs you can see that not only do I rarely write the camp dev blog, I also…


If I learned anything from this experience I would have to say it’s this: 1) Always run with New Balance shoes, 2) PowerBar Gel does help maintain peak performance, and 3) Drink Accelerade to give you that extra edge while racing

Real Superheroes Fly!

Superman, swing from spider webs like Spiderman, or at least have superhuman abilities like RoboCop at one point or another. She-Ra, princess of power, and Wonder Woman top my list of female super heroines.

Two Headed Monsters

The waiting game continues for Microsoft as Yahoo! buys more time. As I’m sure you all know, Microsoft made a $44.6 billion bid to merge…
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