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A Smattering Of SEO News – Slow News Week

After a blustery week of SEO bombshells in last week's Smattering, this week finds the bottom of the barrel thoroughly scraped. Tune in for miscellaneous Google news (as usual) and a surprising factoid about Macy's.

A Smattering Of SEO – News, Notes, & More!

A Smattering of SEO comes at you this week with a heaping helping of news fresh from the State of Search conference and an interview with Google's Gary Illyes. Read on to find out the latest Google news and what Gary had to say about Google's latest.

A Smattering Of SEO News – AMP Gets AMPed…

A Smattering of SEO is here to tell you the latest about Google's changes to their AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) offering, their mobile efforts, and their recent triumph over Bing on iOS devices. Check it out!

A Smattering Of SEO News – HTTPS Out The Ying Yang

A Smattering of SEO comes at you this week with the latest news about HTTPS migrations and what Google recommends as webmasters' best course of action. Also check out some other Google news as well as a significant Twitter update.

A Smattering Of SEO News – Slooooow News Week

A Smattering of SEO returns with a slow news week that still managed to have some pretty big updates. Check out Google's admonishments about content, Facebook adding AMP and Apple News support, and more.

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