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iPhone Announcement

Our favorite trendy electronics vendor, Apple, is about to unroll its new line of iPhones, and man is it exciting. Apple is soon to release its iPhone 3g to the world, and there’s more than one new feature. The phone boasts 3g, as well as, having thinner edges, a flush headphone jack, a full plastic back, and much more. Whether or not you are a complete Apple fanboi or not, the company certainly seems to have a lot of brand loyalty and trendy-ness (yup, that isn’t a real word), and certainly has some tricks up their sleeve with this release.

Now that the iPhone has been out on the market, it’s interesting to note how many competitors have created similar devices, and perhaps even better ones. Why do I find this interesting? Well myself, like many others, might find it interesting because of how disinterested we are! Much like the iPod, the iPhone has comparable devices that do just about the same thing at a cheaper cost. The problem though, is that we don’t care. We just want our Apple products because they are so good at making us want them. From their intuitive design and functionality, to just their brain washing style and marketing, their product(s) win over a lot of hearts and minds. People just want what other people want, I guess? Apple has enough of the market that some people will always buy their products, which coupled with the money to advertise their products enough so that we all know it exists, we are presented with an “in or out” framework. Do we choose to be on the inside and buy their product, or go for the knock off and always kind of feel a little lame (not necessarily rightfully so) for not having the milestone version of their device.

Something that might be a little questionable about Apple’s new line of iPhones though, is their way of trying to say it is now “cheaper.” The first reaction to the iPhone going down in price might very well be skipping through fields of daisies, but a closer analysis on the entire package might end up leaving you not quite so elated. The iPhones prices, for the 8gig and 16gig version, are respectively dropping to $199 and $299. This is inarguably a drop in unit price, but something that you might not realize is that the data services that you need to subscribe to in order to get many of the nifty iPhone functions, is actually having its price raised from $20 to $30. This isn’t to say it isn’t reasonable, or that the $10 dollar a month increase isn’t darn worth it for the 3g, but it’s important for people to note. This reason might be no other than to not be tricked into thinking, “perfect time to buy and iPhone because I’ll be saving money!” but I think it’s really smart to be fully in the know of what you are getting yourself into. Buying a new iPhone, and subscribing to the two year contract, will inevitably make you pay about $240 more than what current iPhone subscribers are paying. Certainly not trying to say it’s a bad deal, in fact, it might be seen as amazing to others, but it’s just one of those things that’s kept in the “fine print.”


4 thoughts on “Apples Or Oranges
  1. Josh says:

    Here is a better visualization for the people:

    And look at what Europeans will be charged, NOTHING! Free bloody iPhone 3gs with their plans.

  2. Nice visual and what a deal for those crazy Europeans. Although, I guess its only fair considering our US pricing model normally owns them, as prices are normally carried across the pond without taking into consideration exchange rates.

  3. Alison Quinn says:

    Thanks for pointing out that service charge increase Ted! If you ask me, I think that would be classified as a bit weasely in my book, and you know how I feel about weasels!

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