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Are you hungry? Are you searching for the perfect appetizer, that satisfying salad, maybe the best burger in your city? Because no matter how informed about your local eateries you are, there are still a few amazing hole-in-the-wall establishments that have gone under your ravenous radar.  This blog will be a hybrid article that looks at how restaurants are standing out online with intricate web design, and easy ways you can find all the best local restaurants.


Expensive meals, forgotten gourmet gems, and new bistros on the block, all handpicked and made obtainable by BlackBoardEats.com.  This great service sends emails at least twice a week, enlightening its members about upstanding restaurants and providing substantial discounts on entire menus.  This service is great because the coupon is free so there is nothing lost if you decide you are not in the mood for that specific restaurant.  If you do not mind being tethered to a dinning experience, and you enjoy saving extensive amounts of money go to Restaurant.com.  I found every restaurant I could think of within this service, and functionality of the website was effortless.

screen-shot-2010-08-09-at-61736-pmIn order to save time and make it to dinner on time I will condense these also amazing websites that make finding your next favorite restaurant the easiest thing you will do all week.  Chow.com aggregates reviews by their team of critics and personal testimonials from periodic patrons.  This is great because of the insight provided from the culinary pros and the overall experience from your everyday Joes.  Next up is FoodBuzz.com, this website has a lot more to offer than just an opinion, it also has recipes, health tips, tactical family cooking tips, and much more.  The functionality of the site suffers slightly because of the amount of info it offers, but it is a great place to go if you have time on your hands to plan.  In case you are still hungry, here are a few more, FoodDigger, FoodGawker, SeriousEats, and TheDeliciousLife.

If I had to pick a site that had overall great web design and had more than enough to offer, I would have to go with Restaurant.com.  It is easy to use and very useful.  Websites require a hierarchy of information.  If all of your content is portrayed on equal platforms throughout your site your guest might leave without being exposed to your main idea.  A restaurant’s website speaks to their customers before their hostess does, so do not lose out on this golden opportunity, focus your guest’s attention on an appealing website.

Please leave your favorite restaurant below, because in my opinion there is nothing better than a burger from Father’s Office.screen-shot-2010-08-09-at-73157-pm


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