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It’s December 1st and the year is coming to a close. A busy time for many with the holidays in full swing, but it also tends to be a bustling time here at Wpromote! In the blogosphere, the trend seems to be predicting the future, but with so much going on over here I must admit any attempt on my part to make grand observations would be in vein.

That being said, for today’s post I will take a back seat and focus instead on some of the big trending topics this year – Twitter, Facebook, Google and Yahoo/Bing – but don’t expect astute analysis. I know we’ve been there before, but this time I’d like to reflect.


I love the instant-access to the pulse of everything that Twitter gives me, and I get a serious kick out of the fact that total strangers may find my latest tweet interesting and reach out because of it. I’m hoping it evolves and continues to capture my interest, and that the spam issue is solved. I really haven’t tired of it yet.


The shiny-newness has waned and all the controversy surrounding it’s privacy policies have made me less excited about its longterm prospects. But I can’t deny the fact that it is easier to get in touch with folks with Facebook than via e-mail sometimes, and when planning an event or get-together, it seems Facebook trumps Evite, Gmail, or phone calls. Still, I’m hoping something less frivolous and more utilitarian comes out in 2010.

Google and Yahoo/Bing

As for the search engine developments, the move by Yahoo! to capture my interest with it’s ‘My Internet’ campaign and that of Microsoft to revolutionize search with Bing has done little to change my habits. I can’t stand Yahoo!’s interface and never use it. Bing’s interface has some appeal, and I use it out of curiousity from time to time. But on a day-to-day basis I still use Google. Not sure this will ever change.

On a side note, amidst all the predictions and posturing flooding the web right now, I found something from ReadWriteWeb I feel is easy-to-digest and worth a look: a list of the top searches performed in Google and Bing in 2009. Looking at ReadWriteWeb’s chart below gives us a birds-eye-perspective on what matters (to most people) now:

What’s interesting about this list? Well, the first thing that stands out is people seem more concerned with entertainment and gossip than say…politics or world peace or education. Considering the gloom and boom bandied about this year by journalists, bloggers, and pundits about the economy, 2012, and well…just about everything else, the lists make sense. But would the lists have been the same if the year had been better for more people?

Let’s hope we have a chance to find out. No one knows what 2010 will hold, but one thing is for certain – things are moving faster than they’ve ever moved before, and there is more content and information out there than any one person can digest. If I had my wish, 2010 would bring us a refined and usable tool that streamlines everything I do online – from research to paying bills to sharing and connecting. But I won’t say I predicted it.

What do you think of the search trends this year? Are you looking forward to any specific developments in 2010? Do you have any ideas for a web app that would be super useful? Post your thoughts below!


7 thoughts on “Another Year Online…
  1. Christian says:

    I must say I contributed to those search statistics, minus Lady Gaga.

  2. Not a Gaga fan? Haha. I tried to get it…but I haven’t found a song by her I really like!

  3. Alison Quinn says:

    Umm, I think the only thing I searched for on those lists was probably Lady Gaga! Ok, maybe swine flu too. 🙂 Maybe I shouldn’t tell people these things….

  4. Dan Pacifico says:

    I think the only one that i would of searched would be the great late BIlly Mays

  5. Jesse says:

    Facinating that hi5 is a fast rising search query. When I was abroad I knew how popular it was, but it is interesting that it’s gaining interest in the US. Maybe something to watch out for in 2010? The social network to make a run at Facebook?

  6. Andrew says:

    yeah Alison, maybe keep that to yourself. So who watched last weeks Glee? I mean uuuuhhhhhh….. Twitter is awesome!

  7. becca says:

    there definitely seems to be a correlation between the topics that the media overemphasizes and these above search queries… maybe if CNN would stop talking about-for example-Michael Jackson (as talented as he was)… and focus on the ‘real’ issues, people would start educating themselves about international and educational issues.

    just a thought 🙂

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