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Demonstrating Google’s continued commitment to improving the search experience, the search engine recently announced that AdWords advertisers will be able to create accelerated mobile pages (AMP) landing pages.  AMP pages are built using a streamlined HTML code that allows pages, including ads, images, and rich media, to load quickly. Up until now, AMP landing pages were available only to select publishers who took part in Google’s open source beta project.  In less than two weeks, these pages will be available to everyone.

Milliseconds Count

A slow-loading website is more than just annoying to users ‒ it negatively affects your bottom line.  Kissmetrics cites research studies by Akamai and Gomez.com which found that 40% of the web users surveyed said that they would abandon a website that doesn’t load within three seconds. 47% expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. Amazon found that even milliseconds matter, reporting that every 100ms of latency resulted in a 1% loss in sales. That’s a lot of traffic‒and potential customers‒to turn away.

By ensuring that your paid search landing pages are created with AMP, you can feed this need for speed. This can boost paid results, and possibly organic performance too. “AMP is fast becoming the standard for delivering landing pages on mobile devices,” said Peter Petrou, Wpromote’s Director of Web Services.  “Although there is no specific SEO ranking benefit today outside of load time, it wouldn’t be a surprise if AMP pages had a direct ranking impact in the future.”

AdWords ads are already currently being powered by AMP as a default, so having a landing page that is fast-loading as well can help provide mobile users with a seamless, more positive experience from search to conversion.  This can lead to more satisfied visitors, better results, and bigger profits ‒ and those are some things to get really amped up about.


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