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Our trip to ad:tech in Chicago was filled with many memorable moments to say the least. The show was small in size, which meant we had more time to really make some fantastic connections. Our booth had its fair share of traffic, probably because there were few search-marketing firms in attendance. MortonsEither way, it was great for the companies who were looking for suggestions and solutions with out all the hassle and traffic.

I was told a few times that we landed in Chicago during the best weather they had seen all year. We were also fortunate to have the most breath taking view of Lake Michigan from the exhibit hall off of Navy Pier. Walking back to the hotel from the pier was a chance to really take in the great towers and skyscrapers Chicago has to offer. Not to mention all the great hot dogs and brats that filled the air with delicious aromas. Too bad the cabs didn’t duplicate the same good feeling! We came across a few pirate cabbies that could have used a Febreez’n.

I was warned beforehand of the incredible dinners and meals that we would experience, but I really didn’t know what was in store for my taste buds. Let me start by saying, as soon as I exited the airplane, my stomach was growling. I was ready to dig into something major and I knew that the original Morton’s Steakhouse on State Street was waiting for the crew and me. adtech boothWe were seated at Michael Jordan’s table and the destruction commenced. I ate the entire 28oz piece of Cajun flavored beef, gristle and all! Our second night out landed us at Frontera Grill, a restaurant Mike Mothner had been dreaming of for several months. Chef Rick Bayless is a genius and happened to be dining there with his wife during our visit. Mike Stone enjoyed a plate of carne asada accompanied with a side of habanero salsa that had him hallucinating. It did more damage to him than the mescal and tequila shots we ordered. Jamie’s cucumber margarita was simply the best tasting drink I have ever had and Mike Mothner enjoyed a bit of my michelada (a bloody mary beer).

The trip ended up becoming the best business trip I have ever been part of. From the Green Dolphin dancers to the cab driver whose wallet was lost and then found by yours truly. Thanks again Mike for the incredible experience and wonderful salsa box you sent me back with from Frontera Grill!



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