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Since our last post on Accelerated Mobile Pages, a lot has changed. AMP has become less of a blog/news article-only tool, and is now being recognized by many as a lightning fast mobile framework.

To further Google’s buy-in of the importance of AMPs, they have now pushed AMP results out of the Top Stories section on mobile and into the regular mobile search results listings. Check it out:


As you can see, the AMP lightning bolt appears where most mobile-friendly designations used to be. And it’s no surprise that when you click on one of these results, you get an accelerated mobile page.

Now, what does this mean? Well, a few things.

It used to be that in order for AMP pages to be indexed and displayed, they would have to be in the Top Stories area of the SERPs. This meant that your page needed to be marked up properly as a blog or news article. Now that AMPs are displayed in the “normal” SERP area, that is no longer the case. Any page that is validated as AMP can be displayed, which means any page (depending on your technical resources) can use the AMP framework and still be of use!

Some big name websites have already started adapting the AMP framework. Reddit recently bought into AMPs and has created tens of millions of AMP pages. Shopify has also taken notice of the importance of a faster mobile web, and has “created an app that merchants can install to provide AMP to all of their products.” eBay, who has been openly discussing the use of AMPs, took the online shopping experience to the next level by pushing about 8 million AMP-based browse nodes to their site.

What does this mean for YOU and YOUR SITE?

Well, start getting familiar with the AMP framework. It’s become clear that AMPs are not just for news publications or blogs (and I personally think it was never intended for just those types of sites to begin with). AMPs as a framework provides a faster experience on mobile, which means less bounces, more views on your products, and more revenue.

Check out our guide on creating accelerated mobile pages on WordPress to get started. Have questions? Let us know on social media, or contact us today.


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