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Fall is fast approaching which means the holiday season is faster approaching but do you know what that really means? Announcements, announcements everywhere! What fun tech gadget announcement is going to capture your heart and dominate your gift list this 2012 holiday season? Here’s a couple that have caught my eye.

Tablets are pretty cool but up until recently, you had to dish out some serious cash. The iPad is no longer theuncontested king and if you’re just getting into the tablet game there are more options. Two new announcements are the Google Nexus 7 and the new line of Kindle Fire tablets, which now boasts HD capabilities. Nexus 7 is a 7” tablet with WiFi and the 8GB model is $199 and the 16GB is $249. Fully compatible with the Google Chrome App store, there are plenty of games and apps to play with. Amazon one-upped Google and has a 7” WiFi tablet with 16GB memory called the Kindle Fire HD. If a 7” tablet doesn’t tickle your fancy, Amazon has an 8.9” Kindle Fire HD for $299, and another 8.9” Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE wireless connect for $499.

These are awesome new tablets making it easier for people like me to buy one because they don’t cost a base $500. A bonus for Amazon Prime members is that you can easily link your account to your Amazon Fire HD tablet, allowing you to watch all those free movies and TV shows without a third party service, just some food for thought.

On to phones. In typical Apple fashion, they have announced that they will be making an announcement regarding the iPhone5 on September 12th. All I can tell you are the confirmed rumors (making them facts? Is that how that works?); it will be taller, thinner, the headphone jack is on the bottom, and the dock will be different. I’m personally not too happy about them changing their docking system because I don’t want to buy a whole new set of Apple products to plug my new iPhone into.

The only other phone that has really caught my eye is the Nokia Lumia 920, the new Windows phone. It has asleek home screen, an 8.7 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, and a wireless charging system. Yes, you read that right; you don’t have to plug it in to anything to charge it. You do need to set it down on a designated charging pad, but that’s it. And that’s rad. No price or official release date has been announced but expect to see this phone sooner than later.

Apple now has some serious competition in the tablet market with Google and Amazon adding some fair priced, high performing handhelds. There has been smart phone competition for a little while but the Lumia 920 looks like it means business and with the iPhone changing it’s docking system, some people might try looking elsewhere (like myself). And this type of competition only benefits the user (as I shamelessly link to a previous article I wrote on competition in technology).


The real takeaway here is that you could potentially walk away this holiday season with a very capable tablet and an awesome smart phone (guessing on a $199 price with contract, could be lower or higher) for just about $400. You don’t have to be a loser this holiday season, isn’t that great!?


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