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This week, expect to see more videos in your social media feeds, as the biggest social networks are making video a priority.


Even More Immersive Video

After adding autoplay, 360 video, and Facebook Mentions, Facebook is continuing to make video more immersive by testing new features that affect how users view, find, and engage with videos on mobile and desktop.

One feature being tested is the Videos feed: for some users this has replaced the Messenger button in the iOS Facebook app. Within the Videos feed, viewers can scroll down and swipe through channels like Shared by Friends, New From Pages You Follow, Trending Videos, Saved Videos, and videos they’ve already watched.

videos-section 2

Watching videos from the News Feed is also becoming more engrossing, as users can quickly scroll to the next suggested video from the video they’re currently watching.

I More Than Like You…

Facebook finally moved past “Like” and into “Love”… along with: “Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad, and Anger.” They’re calling the new use of emojis Reactions. To choose a reaction, long press on the “Like” button to see a panel of six other reactions to choose from. The number of each reaction is shown underneath the post, along with “Like,” and can also be found in Page Insights.


Dedicated Shopping Feed For The Shopping Dedicated

Facebook found that 50% of their users come to Facebook looking for products and, as with Video, Facebook is working to keep people in-app when shopping.


One new way they’re doing this is with the Shopping feed, accessible from the “More” section in the Facebook app. The Shopping feed is filled with products that businesses have highlighted on their Facebook Pages, personalized based on users’ connections and interests. The feed also includes a search bar that has the potential to be an opportunity for keyword-based advertising.


Amplify For All

Previously only open to advertisers partnering with specific publishers, Twitter’s video ad program Amplify is expanding to allow more publishers and advertisers the chance to earn money from their videos on Twitter.


Now, advertisers can choose a content category for their pre-roll ad, which Twitter will automatically include before videos tweeted by relevant publishers.

Now Anyone Can Upload Video Via Web

While advertisers have been able to post videos from web for a while, now consumer users can post a video (up to 30 seconds long) through the Twitter website. There will likely be an increase in videos shared. Twitter reports nearly 200 million minutes of video are watched on Twitter every day.


Location, Location, Location

Pinterest is becoming more location-oriented with two new features that pay attention to where you are on the map.

Pins can now include a map preview to show where a photo was taken or where something is from. Tapping the Pin on an iPhone or iPad will bring up a map, along with any business information, tips and reviews, and, similar to Instagram, other Pins from that location.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.10.49 AM

The new Pinterest search results are customized based on the user’s language and country. Now, if two people from different countries both search the same thing, the top of their search results will show the most relevant Pins for their interests and language.

Their new localized Pin selection algorithm is hoping to help reduce duplicate images showing up in search results by segmenting based on the user’s language selection, the Pin’s description, the source link, and the Pinner who originally created the Pin.


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