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Get the latest on what’s happening in social media! This week saw some interesting developments in Twitter and Facebook while two other platforms ended their partnership.



Event Planning: Level Expert

Ever checked Twitter and exclaimed, “What? It’s National Cantaloupe Day?” With each event that trends on social media, marketers and brands scramble to participate, usually on the fly. Fortunately, Twitter will soon be offering a calendar of upcoming events and holidays to anyone with a Twitter Ads account. For each event, the calendar will include predictions of audience size and demographics.

Twitter event calendar



Ideally, marketers will now have time to craft more intelligent, original, and targeted campaigns around yearly events, no matter how obscure. I hope Twitter declares a “National Event Targeting Day,” I’m that excited.


Cracking Down On Copyright Infringement

For those who’d rather take credit for someone else’s 140 characters, Twitter is no longer your plagiarism playground. The social network has been replacing tweets that are reported for copyright infringement with this:


Twitter copyright crackdown

This is mostly bad news for bots, not humans, but it will surely anger users who repeat but don’t retweet. And don’t call me Shirley. That’s from Airplane!



More Options For Video Publishers

Facebook videos are becoming more popular, and—with the latest update—more targeted as well. In addition to setting language and geographic preferences for video reach, users can now limit a video’s audience by age and gender.

Facebook video upload


In addition to this targeting update, users can also set video expiration dates, add custom thumbnails and categorize videos based on interests. Hopefully Facebook releases a video explaining how to do all this.


GOOGLE+ AND YOUTUBEGoogle+ YouTube Break Up

Google+ And YouTube No Longer An Item

Google has announced that YouTube and Google+ will be going their separate ways. Specifically, users will be able to create new YouTube channels, upload videos, and post comments without ever creating a Google+ profile.


Current YouTubers beware – these changes are not yet in effect, so don’t go deleting your Google+ profile or you’ll disappear from YouTube.


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