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Welcome back to another Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly roundup of all things social. There are some exciting new changes to the social media landscape, so keep reading for the latest.


Facebook’s In-App Browser

This past year, there were rumors floating around that Facebook was developing an in-app web browser that would allow users to browse seamlessly without ever having to leave the app. Currently, Facebook has a search bar that only allows users to search for a few things including friends, groups, and interests. With this new browser feature, users will be able to use the search bar to explore the web straight from the app itself. This is big news as Facebook proves to be more of a social utility, rather than just a social network.

The in-app browser is currently being tested with a small group of iOS users. If everything goes as planned, we should see this feature rolled out within the near future. There was further speculation that if everything worked out, Facebook could actually launch their own web browser, which is very bold considering Google remains Goliath.



Twitter Extends Duration Of Polling Feature

Last October, Twitter launched a Polling feature that would allow users the opportunity to create their own polls for a 24-hour period. Since October, there has been just shy of 2 billion casted votes, which is great news for the struggling platform. Since this feature has been a hit, and considering the relevance of polls with elections just around the corner, Twitter plans to leverage this new feature as a way to increase engagement within the platform.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that the duration of the Polling feature would be extended from 24 hours to an entire week! This gives less frequent users who don’t check the platform regularly the opportunity to still engage with trending polls.

This new Polling feature is a great way to not only increase a brand’s engagement, but also to leverage and enhance product development. For example, let’s say a beverage company is looking into expanding their product line and looking into offering new flavors that won’t flop. One of the most effective and cost-efficient strategies to accomplish this would be to penetrate the thoughts of your audience. What better way to do this than a quick poll to find out exactly what flavor your audience is craving?


Twitter’s New User Rate Continues To Plummet

Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, announced earlier this month that the platform has been struggling to attract new users. Over the past few months, Twitter has tried to entice non-users to the platform by integrating Periscope directly into the news feed, offering the new Polling feature to increase engagement, and that one rumor that Twitter would change their standard 140-character limit to an excessive 10K character limit. Despite steering in the proper direction, their stock price has plummeted to its lowest point since its IPO (-5.6% @ $17.94). The young CEO has made it clear that their revenue stream isn’t the issue, due to Twitter ads, but the main problem remains that new users aren’t flocking to the platform as frequently as they once were.

It will be interesting to see what Twitter has up their sleeve to address this issue.


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