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Facebook’s latest mobile News Feed test could mean big changes for the way users interact with brands. Plus, Twitter Ads Editor has a useful change, Instagram has changed up their Explore channel, Pinterest is tinkering behind the scenes, and Snapchat’s VP clarifies some misconceptions!


Sectioned News Feed Test On Mobile

Facebook is testing out a new mobile layout with multiple news sources revolving around high-level topics like Sports, Entertainment, and World News. These sections sit at the bottom of the screen and can be edited to show only what a user finds to be most relevant.


There is also a new prompt encouraging users to add friends they don’t know. Usually, Facebook will show common friends between two unconnected users, so the lack of such a feature, at least on the front end, is peculiar.

No word yet on whether or not this will be a permanent change.

The Rise Of The Share

The only engagement metric to show growth YoY (Year-over-Year) in 2015 was the share, according to a study from Rival IQ. Likes and comments were down YoY.

Facebook’s aggressive anti-like-baiting initiatives combined with a rising trend toward user updates over brand updates in their News Feed are potential causes for the sharp spike in shares. New Messenger sharing features and an iOS share extension also gave users more options to easily share content.


While shares are trending upward, likes still represented seven times the volume of shares in 2015.


Ad Groups Now Available In Ads Editor

Advertising got a little easier for brands looking to segment their messaging as Twitter introduced ad groups to its bulk editor.

Ad groups provide more flexibility in targeting and allow for different creative types. This will allow advertisers to better gauge performance across groups and easily see which of their tests are successful.

Twitter Not Useful For News Organizations

News organizations see very light traffic from Twitter, according to a Parse.ly report, to the tune of only about 1.5% of all traffic.


Twitter remains a breaking news platform but quickly loses traffic to Facebook and Google once the story is established.


Changes To The Explore Channel

Instagram rolled out significant changes to its Explore channel with a “Videos You Might Like” feed.

These videos are tailored to user interests but come from across their entire network, not just those that a user follows.


It might be only a matter of time before advertisers get to take advantage of this new feature.


Big Engineering And Design Overhaul Next Week

Pinterest is undergoing a massive change in its engineering and design.

In addition to rebuilding the iOS app, engineers are hard at work making sure that the site runs fast, even on older mobile phones and tablets. They’re also ensuring the design remains simple and easy to understand, important factors in gaining a larger international appeal, something the site has lacked since its inception.

These changes are mostly behind the scenes and won’t be immediately obvious to continuing users.

As other social networks continue to offer more features at an occasionally overwhelming rate, it’s interesting to see one of the mainstay platforms maintain its simplicity and speed over big changes.


Misconceptions Clarified

Snapchat’s VP of Content Nick Bell cleared up a couple of misconceptions for advertisers hesitant to use the platform.

First, the notion that Snapchat is only for a young demographic was dispelled. Two-thirds of the Snapchat audience is over 18 and half of news users are over 25.

Second, he addressed the belief that the app is too expensive for advertisers. While initially brands were asked to invest a minimum of $750,000 PER DAY for a “Stories” ad, Snapchat’s new targeting options now mean advertisers pay much less to reach a smaller, more targeted audience. Entry-level pricing is now in the “tens of thousands…”


Social advertising continues to grow as costs drop and more and more features become available. As advertisers continue to look for new and interesting ways to engage with their audience, social networks continue to innovate, both with new features and improving on old ones.



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