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Trolls are no longer mere fantasy creatures. They’ve moved beyond their swamp abyss onto social media platforms. No longer hiding under bridges, trolls operate behind desktops and cellphones, spewing hate-tinted phlegm and attacking in numbers with vitriol.

To say Twitter has seen some trolling is like saying the Kardashians aren’t the best role models. Both are extreme understatements. (No offense. I still keep up with them, too.) Although trolls are not partial to one social platform over another, Twitter has clearly become a breeding ground. Previous anti-trolling Twitter efforts were met with backlash from users for not being stringent enough.



Thankfully, Twitter has decided to take a stand.

In response to an increase in cyber bullying and the growing concern of users like the individual above, Twitter has begun rolling out a new and improved Safety Center. This provides resources, suggestions, and Twitter guidelines in hopes of improving the overall user experience. Although the safety center will not entirely curb trolling, the goal is to make these helpful tools easily accessible for victims of cyber bullying.

If you or anyone you know has been fighting off the trolls to no avail, check out the new Safety Center for information on how to better protect yourself and your friends. #StopTheTrolls


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