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Welcome to a roundup of all things social! This week, Snapchat follows in the footsteps of its social media counterparts with the announcement of an algorithm. Facebook improves on the post-broadcast experience of Facebook Live content and Twitter considers “going dark” – but not in the way you’re thinking.


Algorithm Reportedly In The Works

Announced in an article on Digiday.com, Snapchat is reportedly developing an algorithm to curate content. The evolution from chronological to algorithmic content is becoming standard protocol as publishers and brands flock to popular social media platforms to share content.

Snapchat has not confirmed when this change would take place – but it seems the lesson here is when matters less than what.

Stickers Join Emojis In Editing Tools

Previously only available in chat, stickers can now be added to individual Snaps and Stories.


For example, if the dog filter and emoji weren’t enough, you can now slap a dog sticker on your Snap and send it out to your canine-loving compadres.

The stickers can be found in the same editing menu as emojis – check them out next time you’re Snapping!


Facebook Live Videos Now Features An Engagement Graph

Facebook has added a graph, called an “engagement graph” or “response graph,” to Facebook Live videos that shows when the most engagements occur within a video’s runtime. Engagement is measured in terms of reactions and comments.

Facebook Live response graph

This feature will appear on videos after they’ve been broadcast to help post-broadcast viewers find the most entertaining moments within the video. By showing peaks and valleys of engagement, viewers can skip past the lulls that inevitably occur within an unplanned, unedited video.

Facebook Live Adds Continuous Streaming Option

In addition to the engagement graph, Facebook Live now offers the option to stream live, continuous broadcasts. Possible use cases include:

  • Nature cams
  • Sporting events
  • Puppy and kitten playtime monitoring


Twitter Tests Night Mode UI

Twitter is currently alpha testing a night, or dark, mode for its user interface.

Twitter night mode

This style of switching UIs from day to night is popular amongst GPS apps and could help people who work inside staring at screens all day know when it’s time to go home/eat dinner/interact with humans.

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