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Welcome back to another Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly roundup of all things social. There are some exciting new changes to the social media landscape, so keep reading for the latest.


“Login, Loser! We’re Going Shopping!”

Facebook is testing small Ecommerce shops within the pages of businesses. This shopping experience, which takes place entirely within Facebook, comes after the debut of last year’s Facebook Buy Button and, more recently, the Pinterest Buy Button.


“With the shop section on the page, we’re now providing businesses with the ability to showcase their products directly on the page,” says Facebook product marketing manager Emma Rodgers. With the ability to leverage Facebook’s specific targeting features and drive to a purchase page, this feature has large potential for advertisers.


“Not Now, Maybe Later” For Facebook Video

Facebook is testing a new ‘Watch Later’ button which allows users to flag a particular video to watch at a later time of their choosing. Similar to Facebook’s article save feature, this will keep Facebook users on the site for longer periods of time, without navigating out for different content. This feature will also be another proponent for Facebook video advertising.



Updated News Feed Controls

To keep the Facebook experience personalized, Facebook announced some new tools to put the power of customization back in the user’s hands:

  • Pick and choose the pages and friends you see first – Just as it sounds, this feature allows you to pick which of your friend’s or page’s activity you’d like to see first in your News Feed.
  • Find new pages to connect to – Based on the types of pages you’ve liked in the past, you can choose to follow new pages Facebook suggests for you.
  • To follow or not to follow – Facebook will list profiles which have had posts appear in your News Feed over the last week and you can choose to unfollow their posts so they won’t appear in your News Feed again. Alternatively Facebook will also list profiles which you’ve unfollowed and give you the opportunity to reconnect and begin following again.



Twitter Expands Article Previews

iOS and Android users will begin seeing more detail in the form of short descriptions or the beginning sentence of articles in their Twitter timelines.



Searchable Hashtags, Locations, And Accounts Now Available On Desktop Instagram

The desktop version of Instagram is stepping up its game a bit by now allowing users to search by hashtags, locations, and user profiles within a search bar at the top of any page. Similar to Iconosquare’s search capability, Instagram for desktop also includes a location search feature, which includes a map atop of photos taken at that location:blog-Instagram


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